Orbic Maui Plus (RC545L) User Manual

Discovering the new phone takes some time. That’s why the Reliance Orbic Maui+ comes as useful assistance in checking out the phone’s specifications.

Orbic Maui Plus User Manual

Who is excited whenever they get a brand new phone? Obviously, everyone. Sometimes this excitement can’t be held, and people rush to try the phone as soon as possible. They forget about the importance of reading the user manual.

The Orbic Maui Plus is not familiar to many people. They might get confused and lost for the first time. But it’s understandable. Because of this, the Reliance Orbic Maui+ (RC545L) user manual is provided in the box to help users understand the product better.

We summarize the document to give you a big picture about the inside of the user manual. So, we recommend you read it before getting an in-depth understanding.

Getting Started

Time to get started with the Reliance Orbic Maui Plus smartphone. Not everyone is acquainted with the phone since it comes in many components. This starting chapter provides information about the phone’s layouts and each description.

After that, you can explore the next part, where you can find some tutorials about it. Including how to install the SIM and MicroSD card and charge the battery, complete with some tips to maintain the battery life. There is also information regarding the home screen layout.

Personalizing Your Phone

Make the Orbic Maui+ your preferences by changing some personalized settings here and there. This chapter talks about those features specifically. In the beginning, you can start by changing the system language and setting the date and time.

Then, there is information about changing the ringtone, notification sound, volume adjustment, and vibrate modes. You can also learn to change the phone’s display to your taste. In this chapter, you will also get the important info about the screen locks and pinning.

The Basics

The next chapter is learning about the basics of your new Reliance Orbic Maui Plus smartphone. In the Basics chapter, you will discover the information about the status bar icons and descriptions.

You will find a tutorial on using the shortcut, widgets, folders and organizations. You will also learn to enter the text using the keyboard or Google Voice Typing.

Getting Connected

Getting connected to the internet is the main purpose of using a smartphone. The Reliance Orbic Maui Plus provides this feature. People want to use the internet immediately but have no idea where or how to use it.

This chapter is the most essential part of the manual. You will learn how to connect with the Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices here. It comes in a step-by-step explanation to make it easier to understand.

Besides, this chapter teaches you how to connect the phone with a computer and maximize the use of MicroSD storage. And you can also learn how to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot and share your data connection.

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The Settings chapter is probably one of the manual’s parts containing useful information. Do you want to configure or customize your Reliance Orbic Maui Plus smartphone? Just come into this chapter directly.

Besides learning about turning on/off the wireless and network settings, you will also get to manage the apps and notifications. You can set the sound, display, and security features. You are also allowed to check your battery status.

Download User Manual

That’s the end. We only cover half of the Reliance Orbic Maui Plus user manual because there is still a lot going on. However, reading the full document can still fully experience this smartphone. Here, we provide you the PDF link to the user manual.

Download: Orbic Maui Plus User Manual (PDF)

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