TCL 30 XL (T701DL) User Manual

The TCL 30 XL user manual contains all your concerns regarding the use and the phone’s specifications. Check this out and download the document later.

TCL 30 XL User Manual

Reading isn’t an interesting activity for some people, especially for a user manual containing more technical information. However, it’s not shameful to read this document since you can get many advantages with this.

The TCL 30 XL may look good at first glance. But without you realizing it, sometimes you get lost or may find any unwanted issues happen. It’s better to have everything settled before you jump deeper.

We provide a summary of the TCL 30 XL (T701DL) user manual to discover all the important features and functions. Besides, you can download the full document afterward.

Your Mobile

There is a basic understanding before starting your new phone. The first section will take you on tour to explore the phone’s layout and learn about the keys and connectors. Then, in this chapter, you will learn how to get started with your TCL 30 XL.

In the next section, there are some explanations regarding the phone’s home screen. Complete with the status bars’ icons and some options to unlock the phone. After that, you will learn how to input texts into the phone.

Phone, Call Log, and Contacts

Having your contact lists kept making them easy to find is kinda frustrating. Moreover, this second chapter of the user manual provides comprehensive tutorials. It can be used to make your contacts more organized.

You will also learn how to use the phone’s features. Start with the basics, such as making a call and answering or rejecting the call. After that, there is guidance about managing multiple calls and access to the call logs.

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The TCL 30 XL allows you to send text messages or multimedia messages (MMS). In this chapter, users will discover the Messages’ features. It gives you information about writing the messages and managing the messages. Besides, you can learn about how to send and receive multimedia messages.

Apps and Features

Many applications and features exist on the TCL 30 XL smartphones. You may not be familiar with all of these. So, luckily, in this chapter, you will see the apps available on the phone, complete with their descriptions.

First of all, there is a Camera app with some options for it. The Gallery app is followed in the second section. Moreover, you will learn about the Calendar, Clock, and Calculator. Those all come in full guidance.

Google Applications

Apart from the basic apps, the TCL 30 XL is pre-installed with many Google apps since it’s based on Android OS. These apps can be useful for users to make their work easier and more efficient. This chapter is dedicated to explain this in detail.

There are some apps introduced. Includes Google, Google Assistant, Chrome, Drive, and Duo. There are also Files, Gmail, Play Movies & TV, Maps, Photos, Play Store, and Youtube. Each app comes with descriptions.


In the last chapter, you can learn about each function and feature that can be changed or adjusted to your preferences. If you are unsatisfied with the default settings, you can directly go to this chapter.

You can activate some networks and other connectivity, make changes to the display, enhance with the NXTVISION, etc.

Download User Manual

Here we come to the end of the TCL 30 XL user manual summary. Are you keen to know the full details? Are you interested in discovering what your phone uses? Here we go. We will give you the download link. So, you can have the PDF document. Enjoy!

Download: TCL 30 XL User Manual (PDF)

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