Samsung Galaxy A32 5G User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G user manual reveals plenty of new features you might not be familiar with, such as AR Zones, Edge Panels, and Mobile Continuity.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G User Manual

When people get a new phone, it’s rare that they would set aside time to read its user manual. Many would skip reading this Samsung Galaxy A32 5G user manual.

Although it’s optional, reading a manual has its own benefits. One of them is to avoid making mistakes that could break your phone. It’s also the first thing you can consult when an issue occurs.

Even for a basic setup, the manual must have the guides you need. Settings like turning on the phone or layout introduction, find the topic you need through the index page. There’s pretty much everything here.

Before, take a look at the snippet of the manual below. Make sure to download the full document once you’re done with this sneak peek.

Setup Your Device

In the beginning, there are steps new owners need to take to get their phones ready for use. It includes using the setup wizard, transferring data from your old phone, setting a screen lock, and many more. Before we overwhelm you, it’s best to go directly to the manual for advice.

Don’t forget to check out some interesting features this phone offers. One of them is digital well-being and emergency mode. This chapter is also where the biometric section is located. Learn how to secure your phone using Face recognition and fingerprints.

Multi-Window and Edge Panels

With Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you can enjoy a capability called multi-window. This feature allows you to stack two apps on one screen. learn how to activate it and adjust the window size by reading this chapter.

There’s also another screen-related feature worth trying. It’s called Edge Panel where you swipe a corner of the screen to access a pop-up menu. You can configure the apps and the style according to your preference. For more, read about this feature in the manual.

Camera and Gallery

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is capable of taking high-quality photos because it has a quad-camera. To explore in detail what these lenses are capable of, it’s best to consult the manual.

The shooting mode that comes with the Camera app is plentiful. You can use scene optimizer, high-efficiency images, and wide-angle selfies to get even more creative with your photos. Additionally, this chapter comes with video recording guides as well. 

Don’t miss other interesting features related to Augmented Reality (AR.) AR Doodle lets you add handwriting to your videos. AR Emoji Camera helps create image avatar automatically. You can also edit pictures and videos in real-time with Deco Pic. Intrigued? Find more features by reading the manual.

Mobile Continuity

Mobile Continuity lets you do tasks between several of your devices seamlessly. For example, you can access a file on your Windows computer from your Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. You can enable this connection by activating the Mobile Continuity feature.

Learn how to link to Windows, send pictures, and send other documents by peeking into this chapter. There’s a guide on replying to a message that’s arriving on your phone but from your computer. You can also continue using apps on your computer using the tips written in the manual.

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Samsung Apps

Samsung always packs their phone with their own custom apps. These apps are unique, meaning they are unavailable on other phones. Therefore, it’s normal if you have never heard about some of them before. This is what this section is for.

Get to know about Galaxy Wearable, SmartThings, and Samsung Pay through the pages here. For fitness freaks, check out the Samsung Health app. There are more names such as AR Zone, Samsung Global Goals, and Samsung Notes.

Sounds and Vibration

This section focuses on all things audio on Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. The most interesting feature here would be Dolby Atmos. It’s the sound quality you need for immersive gaming and movie binging. Learn how to activate it in this chapter.

That’s not all. The Adapt sound feature enhances your listening experience more by customizing sound output for each ear. You can also separate app sound so you won’t be disturbed by notifications when watching a movie.

These features need a bit of configuring beforehand. The manual has the guide you need for them.

Download User Manual

Although this sneak peek is ending, there’s more that we can’t write here due to limited space. Go ahead and read the full Samsung Galaxy A32 5G user manual by downloading the PDF file. We gave the link below and what you need to do is just click on it.

Download: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G User Manual (PDF)

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