Samsung Galaxy A12 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A12 user manual is a guide explaining the ins and outs of this particular device. It will help you navigate the phone properly.

Samsung Galaxy A12 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A12 equips its new buyer with a user manual. Most people might skip this official document, but that’s not the right thing to do.

Imagine how much precious information you would miss. This particular phone has plenty of new features you might not be familiar with. Some of them include the Quad-core camera setup and biometrics.

Sounds too techie? That’s why the Samsung Galaxy A12 user manual is here. Clear your confusion by reading this easy-to-read document. Even better, you don’t have to search Google for help.

Here’s an overview of what’s inside. Get a glimpse of what the manual can offer then you can download the full document afterward.

Biometric Security

Samsung Galaxy A12 uses the next-level security system. It’s an important feature that the manual puts this topic on early in the beginning. Here, you will not only learn about enabling Face Recognition. Additionally, you also learn about privacy management such as removing your biometrics data.

This section also includes a guide for enabling the fingerprint scanner. Add, delete, and rename fingerprints according to the instructions written here. A fingerprint tech is not only for securing your phone. So, don’t forget to learn more about its capabilities in the manual.

Dark Mode

With this phone, you have the option to switch to a darker theme. It’s called Dark Mode, and its purpose is to keep your eyes more comfortable, especially at night. The Dark Mode darkens white and bright screens and turns your notifications dark.

To activate the Dark Mode, you can read this section for all the necessary steps you need to take. There are some settings you can choose and tweak around. Such as applying to wallpaper, enabling the adaptive color filter, and many more.

Customize Home Screen

The Home screen is the first thing you see after unlocking or turning on the phone. Therefore, it’s important to make it welcoming for you. Give this Home screen a more distinct touch by applying your personal taste.

Determine which app you display on this screen. You can pick a fun wallpaper, and add widgets. Enjoy decorating the Home screen with the help of this Samsung Galaxy A12 user manual.

Camera and Gallery

The quad-camera on Samsung Galaxy A12 may look intimidating for beginners. But no worries, this chapter not only helps you familiarize yourself with the tech but also shows you how to maximize the setup. Learn how to configure shooting modes using each lens.

Furthermore, learn how to record videos and pick the best quality. This section also covers using Live Focus and using the advanced camera settings. Lastly, read about the Gallery app and all of its features.

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Microsoft Apps and Samsung Apps

Samsung Galaxy A12 packs a series of Microsoft and Samsung apps on their system. You might be familiar with Google apps, but it might not be the case with Samsung or Microsoft apps. There’s a little tutorial about setting up a Microsoft Outlook account. Alongside, you’ll also read about OneDrive and LinkedIn.

On the other hand, the list for Samsung apps is longer. Game Launcher, Samsung Free, and Samsung Global are among the unfamiliar names for newbies. This manual comes to the rescue. Here, you can learn about each of them and you don’t need to look elsewhere for guidance.

NFC and Payment

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with plenty of connective features. One thing that stands out is the NFC and payment feature. With the rise of digital payment these days, having an NFC will reduce time and inconvenience when making a payment. Learn how to enable the Tap and Pay option so you can pay with your phone just by touching a credit card reader.

However, NFC is more than that. You can use it to transfer data seamlessly using Android Beam. Transfer photos, contacts, and other data to another device with NFC. Give this feature a try by following the instructions available in the manual.

Download User Manual

Aren’t you curious about what’s next you can find in the manual? It’s time to take a look inside the original document. Download Samsung Galaxy A12 user manual pdf below. Just one click and you get a handful of useful information in one place.

Download: Samsung Galaxy A12 User Manual (PDF)

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