Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual (TracFone)

Sleek, beautiful and trendy, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top offers the ultimate smartphone experience. With intuitive design and an avalanche of features, you will have more than you bargained for. This article discusses the specs and user manual that the phone comes with.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual

If you are considering buying the TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Top (S757BL), you may as well want know its features. With the best of the features, you may want to know how it is used.

Thankfully, it comes with the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual to help you through how to use your device.

Feature-packed, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top sports an impressive array of the latest features that include 13 MP rear camera for the clearest images even in low light conditions.

With a 4G LTE / Wi-Fi Connectivity, you can be sure to experience some of the best browsing speeds. Other features include expandable storage, GPS enabled, Bluetooth and Android 8.0 Oreo.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top S757BL User Manual

Included with each Samsung model is a user manual that walks you through how to use the device.

This Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual contains lots of sections that help you learn how to get the best from your device. They include the following:

About your phone

Here, you learn everything about the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top. From how to set up your phone to how to customize it, there is everything that a beginner needs to know.

You also learn about how to search, make calls, retrieve contacts, and how to write messages.


One of the highlight features of the Galaxy J7 Top is its 13 MP rear camera. This section teaches you how to record a video and capture camera among other things.


You learn how to create contact and save it to your device. Also, you will be taught how to edit a contact and even delete contacts from your phone.


This section contains everything you would need o know about connectivity. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and how to tether your phone. You also learn how to connect to Wi-Fi and how to turn ON or OFF your Wi-Fi.

Learn more

With this “Help” feature, you get access to information and user manual regarding how to properly use your device.

You can access it by following this path: from Home Screen, swipe and then tap Settings, then Help. Next, tap Health & Fitness Accessibility settings and then personalized device support.

Download User Manual

The Galaxy J7 Top (S757BL) is among the latest entrants of the Samsung Galaxy range. Sporting a wide range of features, this device also includes the Samsung Galaxy J7 Top user manual to guide you on how to make the best use of your device. It contains everything you need to know as far as using your phone is concerned.

Download: Samsung Galaxy J7 Top User Manual (326 KB)

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