How to Add Texts to Tracfone with $5 Text Only Card

Tips on how to add texts with Tracfone $5 Text Only Card, and is the add-on itself worth buying. Let’s see the comparison, and find out where you can buy the card.

Tracfone Text Only Card

Tracfone is a carrier that’s mainly for calling and texting. For some of us, texting is more important than calling. Often it means we run out the amount of the allocated text from the airtime card. Even before the service days end.

In the past, it means adding more airtime card, which may include calls and data balance you don’t need. Or it means you have to wait until the service days end.

Now, you don’t have to do that, because Tracfone offers $5 Text Only card. It’s one of Tracfone’s add-ons. With the text only card, more texts balance will be added to your existing plan.

You don’t need to buy a new airtime card. Here it will be explained how to add texts to Tracfone with Text Only Card.

But first, let’s learn how texting with Tracfone works in general.

Texting with Tracfone

When you send or receive a text message, one unit of text balance will be deducted from your total texts amount. It means if you’re a serial texter and only have 500 texts, that number can easily evaporate into a thin air.

You can control the amount of text you send, but it’s almost impossible to limit the number of texts you receive.

You surely don’t want your friends or family stop texting you. It also seems rude to ask them to text less just because you want to save some money. So, the only thing that makes sense is to add more text balance.

What is Tracfone Text Only Card?

The $5 Text Only Card is one of Tracfone’s add-on cards. Text Only Card adds 1000 more texts to your existing plan.

Other Tracfone add-on are data only card for internet, minute card for airtime, and there is also an add-on for international callings.

Here’s the detail of Tracfone add-ons:

  • Text Only Card ($5 for 1000 texts)
  • Data Only Card ($10 for 1GB of data)
  • Minute Card ($10 for 500 minutes airtime)
  • International Callings Card ($10)

As you can see, Text Only Card adds 1000 more texts to your existing balance. It costs you $5, the cheapest among all other add-ons. You won’t get any service days when buying an add-on. They follow the active days of your main smartphone plan.

How many Text Only Card one can add? The answer is as many as you can. You can stock up text balance by buying this add-on more than once. This also applies with Data Only Card and Minute Card.

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Comparing Text Only Card and Airtime Card

Now that you have the option to buy a text-only card. But you’re still not convinced. Let’s break them down and find out whether the text-only card is truly worth it.

The cheapest Smartphone Plans is the $15 plan with 500 texts, 500 MB data, and 500 minutes talking. Assuming that each type of communication cost $5 (15 divided by 3), it means you get 500 texts with $5. Compared to 1000 texts you will get with the text-only card, the later is certainly the better deal.

But what if you compared it with TracFone’s new unlimited plans, the text-only card is basically useless. You won’t need to add any text add-on since there’s no limit how many you can send with the unlimited plan.

So, as a verdict, TracFone Text Only Card is worth it as long as you’re not on the unlimited plan. At 0.5 cents each text, the card’s value is beyond cheap. It’s also more economical than the Smartphone Plans package.

Where to Buy Tracfone $5 Text Only Card?

You can get Tracfone $5 Text Only Card at your next-door supermarket as well as the big ones such as Target and Walmart.

Don’t feel like getting out of the house to get a card? You can purchase them online, either from the TracFone website itself or from an online retailer such as Amazon.

So, that’s how to buy texts with Tracfone $5 Text Only Card. That’s all the aspect worth considering before buying this add on. Hope it will help you decide your future TracFone purchase.

When you add a new add-on, it’s worth to try some promo codes so you can get even more amount of texts!

If there’s anything you want to add, or a question to ask, shoot us a comment below!

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  1. I recently ran out of text storage on my ZTE Tracfone smartphone and wanted to do the $5 Text Card. My question is, when you get the card, how to you add it to the phone. Is there a scratch off part on the back with a series of numbers like with the Airtime Card? And then do I just add it like I would normally on the “add airtime” link on the website? Thank you for any help you can give me.

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