TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL / Z799VL User Manual

Learn all you need to know about TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL / Z799VL from its user manual that contains every single information about the phone as well as some additional information.

User Manual for TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro – Before you start using your TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL or Z799VL, why don’t you take a look at its user manual?

TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Z798BL / Z799VL

The user manual is available for all sort of electronic devices including this phone. What kind of information to be found in it? It provides basically everything about the phone, most importantly how to use different aspect, features, and function of the phone.

To gives you more insight about the kind of information you can find on the phone’s user manual, let’s take a look at the below list. It shows up the main category of information that is available in the user manual:

– Getting Started, gives you idea about how to use the phone for the first time
– Personalizing, gives you clue about changing the phone settings
– Knowing the Basic
– Connecting to Network and Device
– Phone Calls
– Contact
– Account
– Email
– Messaging
– Calendar
– Browser
– Camera
– Gallery
– Music
– Video Player
– Sound Recorder
– Setting, and so much more

As you can see, the user manual gives you information about different aspect and function of the phone. If you wish to know more about the Email on the phone, go to that part. It will show you things about email including how to set up an account, how to adding a signature to your email, how to change the setting and so on.

The same thing goes for other feature of the phone. Once you read the user manual, you will be able to use the phone perfectly. So far, nothing is missing out. Everything about the phone is available in its user manual, so it will be better for you to keep it around so you can use it now and sometimes in the future.

Download ZTE Majesty Pro user manual or read online tutorials from TracFone:
Download TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro User Manual in PDF Format
View TracFone ZTE Majesty Pro Online Tutorials on TracFone Website


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    • go to ” settings” then under ” wireless & networks” choose “more” the airplane mode will show up slide the dot to the left it should shut it off.

  1. Incoming calls… call comes in but I have a blank screen, the answer screen does not appear. I push the unlock botton and the call ends, I usually have to call the person back.

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