BLU View 3 (B140DL) Review: 3GB RAM with 4G LTE Connectivity

Are you planning to buy a phone within a tight budget? Be sure to take a look at this BLU View 3 (B140DL) review before you make your purchase.

Blu View 3 B140DL Review

The BLU View 3 (B140DL) smartphone was released in October 2021. Phone manufacturers have been trying to reach different buying demographics. To do this, they’ve come up with budget phones.

One example of a low-cost smartphone is the BLU View 3. The smartphone has made a name for itself due to its attractive price. Plus, there’s the 3GB RAM and a notable processor.

However, buying budget phones can be a risky feat. Especially when other questionable specs might not be able to do their jobs.

To make sure that you get the phone you truly deserve, we’ve compiled these important details in our BLU View 3 review. Check out this review to be certain of your smartphone decision.

Key Specs

BLU View 3 (B140DL) specifications:

Dimensions160.2 x 76.7 x 9mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6-inch
Resolution1440 x 720
CPU2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Helio P22
Battery3,400mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera8MP


Blu View 3
BLU View 3

At first glance, the BLU View 3 has a bulky and rugged design. It doesn’t emulate the modern, sleek designs of today’s phones. Despite its heavy look, the phone is rather small. We were able to carry it with only one hand, so it is rather compact. While it’s not ultra-slim, we can still fit it in our pockets.

Right off the bat, the front side features the phone’s display screen. The screen is surrounded by thick bezels. Considering the price range, it’s not surprising that the phone takes resemblance to a typical stock phone design. Besides the screen, the front-facing camera is located right on the top bezel.

Moving right onto the back, the back cover has a very minimalist look. There’s only the rear camera with the LED flash placed in a round layout. Right below is the brand logo right in the middle. On the bottom of the back cover is the loudspeaker.

As for buttons, there’s only the volume controls and power button. Overall, the phone doesn’t leave us with a great first impression. This could be a problem as people tend to buy phones that look great at first glance. But then again, at this retail price, we weren’t expecting so much when it comes to design.


Blu View 3 Display

The BLU View 3 smartphone has a 6-inch that spans across the front side. 6-inch is just enough size to view our content from a comfortable stance. It’s definitely on the smaller side, which made us squint a few times here and there. More importantly, it might not be a suitable size for users who require more room to navigate through the interface.

The phone is a coloured screen that is supported by 1440  x 720 resolutions. With this resolution, we can watch videos of high quality. This is an impressive feature that helps to support the display screen’s size.

The BLU View 3’s display screen doesn’t have many protective properties. We would highly advise adding an extra layer of protection on the screen. This is to ensure that the phone maintains its longevity and avoids getting scratched.

All in all, it is an incredibly basic display screen. It doesn’t offer Full HD or crisp and clear sharpness. The colour quality is okay, but it can be rather dull during certain situations. If anyone’s planning to stream a ton of movies from the comfort of their homes, we’d recommend something else that can provide a more comfortable watching experience.


Blu View 3 Camera

The BLU View 3 has a 13MP rear camera to capture photos. 13MP isn’t exactly as high as cameras found in other phones. But we managed to take a couple of clear shots. This might not be an ideal camera for photography enthusiasts as it lacks camera options to experiment with.

With the 13MP camera, we can also record videos on it. The video recorder captures videos well, but nothing extraordinary. While we can still see the result of the recording clearly, it’s not smooth and the colour quality is so-so. However, it is still a reliable feature just in case we want to record a certain memory.

As previously mentioned, the BLU View 3 smartphone has a front-facing camera. The 8MP camera is typically the average amount of megapixels commonly found in front-facing cams. So we’re not complaining too much about this camera. With 8MP, we can take clear selfies.

For fans of mobile photography, we’d suggest looking into other phones that offer more various camera modes. People who take photos on their phones as a hobby would want something that can emulate the quality of an actual, high-quality camera. While these two cameras do the work, they’re not the best in the market.


The BLU View 3 smartphone features 32GB of internal storage. Considering the preloaded apps that come with the phone, a big chunk of that 32GB will already be used. Therefore, we’re only left with a small number of gigabytes to store our documents, files, images, videos, or apps.

Luckily, the smartphone can alleviate this problem by expanding the external storage. All we have to do is insert a microSD card to expand the storage up to 128GB. We’ve seen other phones that can expand their storage by 1TB, so 128GB of extra storage might not be significant. However, that’s enough extra space for a phone of this calibre.


Blu View 3 Side

The BLU View 3 runs on a MediaTek Helio P22 processor that’s designed for entry-level devices. This Octa-core chipset is well-known for delivering a great balance between phone power and display quality. Available in the market for a cost-friendly price, it’s no wonder why this budget smartphone uses this chipset as its processor.

Operating up to 2GHz, the processor offers reliable speeds to enable smooth phone performance. It might not have the most impressive features, like stunning graphics or gaming swiftness. But with this processor, we managed to run most of our apps without undergoing too many issues.

Next up is the phone’s 3GB RAM. In our reviews, we’ve emphasized the importance of having a solid RAM. And in our BLU View 3 review, this component is no exception. There’s a common myth that the higher the RAM, the better the performance. While that may be true to a certain degree, having 3GB RAM is great for a phone of this build.

3GB is just enough to get the phone going without too many crashes. The RAM enables us to switch in-between apps and multitask with minimum issues. To avoid unwanted crashes, it’s advisable to clear cache every once in a while. This is to ensure that the RAM stays clean and maintains its longevity.

Just like most phones in the market, the BLU View 3 uses Android 11 as its operating system. Android 11 has been garnering remarkable attention for its tighter privacy settings. Additionally, it has improved its notification management. This way, we have better control over what kinds of notifications we’d like to see on our device.

However, like most operating systems, not everyone might not be comfortable using it. Due to the multiple options that come with the operating system, some might find it too complex to use. We can immediately alleviate this by adjusting the operating system settings.

Lastly, the BLU View 3 has a couple of sensors. The phone has an accelerometer, which is responsible for determining the number of steps we take while carrying the phone. This feature is great for GPS or any app that requires any step detection.

Another sensor included in the phone is the proximity sensor. This sensor is designed to prevent accidental touches on the display screen. Sadly, this phone doesn’t include other crucial sensors, like a gyroscope, barometer, or fingerprint sensor.


The BLU View 3 smartphone can accommodate a 4G LTE network, provided we insert a SIM card into it. With this network, we can reach out to our loved ones seamlessly with lesser connectivity issues. To save up data connection, we can simply switch to the phone’s Wi-Fi Connectivity feature if there’s an available hotspot around.

Other connectivity features include the phone’s Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth is a great spec that supports all things wireless. From wireless transfers to using wireless devices like headphones or speakers, the phone’s Bluetooth makes our phone experience a lot easier. Just be sure to correctly pair the devices to get started with Bluetooth.


The BLU View 3 is powered by a 3,400mAh Lithium-ion battery to make sure that the phone stays activated for a long period. With this battery size, it can last up to 1,324 minutes of non-stop talk time. In other words, it can withstand up to 615 hours of standby.

The phone’s battery capacity is on the average side, considering that there are other phones with capacities of 4,000mAh or above. But again, it all comes back to how this smartphone is designed. With its basic yet reliable features, a battery at this capacity is just the right amount.

Is the BLU View 3 a good phone?

At first impression, the BLU View 3 (B140DL) smartphone didn’t entirely wow us. From a design aspect, it closely resembles a lot of stock phones in the budget market. And with average features like a 13MP camera and 6-inch display screen, there’s nothing much this phone can offer.

However, considering that the phone’s retail price is $69, the phone’s not bad. To conclude our BLU View 3 review, we’d say this is a feasible and reliable option. With its well-performing processor and 4G LTE connectivity, it makes a great choice for buyers looking to spend on a budget.


  • Reliable processor
  • Android 11 OS
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • 3GB RAM


  • Low camera megapixels
  • Small internal storage

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