Tracfone TCL Flip 2 vs Nokia 2760 Flip

Comparing two gadgets that are not too familiar nowadays is quite tricky. In this comparison between the TCL Flip 2 vs Nokia 2760 Flip, we will see those phones thoroughly.

TCL Flip 2 vs Nokia 2760 Flip

As you’ve known before, flip phones aren’t a hype anymore. Now, this phone is owned by very segmented people. Those will likely keep being simple while still communicating with their own people.

However, there are a lot of this kind of phone on the market. Suppose you’re looking for a flip phone right now. We will review these two phones; the TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip.

Both are famous brands, come at very affordable prices and, most importantly, the features and specifications are similar in some aspects. Without further ado, let’s read this article for more in-depth knowledge about the device. After that, you can decide what your favorite flip phones are.

Main Differences

Just by a glimpse, there is only a slight difference between each phone. The appearance looks the same. But, if we go further, there are two big differences. The most noticeable is on the phone’s storage. The TCL Flip 2 has 8GB internal capacity, bigger than the Nokia 2760 Flip, which only has half of TCL.

So does their RAM gap, where the Nokia 2760 Flip phone is only available with 512MB RAM, meanwhile the TCL Flip 2 is 1GB. However, for the camera, Nokia is the winner. It has a 5MP camera, and TCL Flip 2 has 2MP. The other difference is Nokia doesn’t have an SOS button, just like the TCL Flip 2.


TCL Flip 2 vs Nokia 2760 Flip specifications:

Dimensions107.1 x 55.6 x 19.8mm110.2 x 58 x 19.5mm
OSAOSP Android 11KaiOS 3.1
Screen size2.88-inch (internal), 1.44-inch (external)2.88-inch (internal), 1.7-inch (external)
Resolution240 x 320240 x 320
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739-CHQualcomm Snapdragon 215
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5GHz Cortex-A53)Quad-core (4×1.3GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery1,850mAh, Removable1,450mAh, Removable
Rear camera2MP5MP
FeaturesWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, HAC M4/T4, SOS ButtonWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, HAC M4/T4


TCL Flip 2
TCL Flip 2

As we compare the phones by their look, we notice they are not any different from each other. That’s even similar to any other flip phones outside these two brands. Both are lightweight with different small sizes. The TCL Flip 2 weighs 139g, and the Nokia 2760 Flip is 136g.

Dimensionally, these two phones are also not showing any difference. The TCL Flip 2 consists of 107.1 x 55.6 x 19.8mm, and Nokia 2760 Flip is 110.2 x 58 x 19.5mm. For the screen, like any flip phone, both come with dual screens.

Nonetheless, we see the phone’s difference in the front area, especially in its layout. First of all, the camera. Two of them have a single camera, but their placement is different. Nokia chose to put a horizontal look between the camera and LED flash. Meanwhile, TCL puts the camera vertically along with the SOS button. Anyway, you won’t see this button on Nokia.

We don’t have much to say about the inside part of these phones. They likely have the same design as tactile keyboards.

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Nokia 2760 Flip
Nokia 2760 Flip

The dual-screen has become a norm for any flip phone. That also applies to the TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip. They have two screens: exterior and interior. First, let’s talk about the main screen, which is the interior part. They both have 2.8-inch screens of the same quality at 240 x 320-pixel pixels.

This quality is not extravagant, but you can still experience a decent infographic and icons with the small screen size. The colors are quite vibrant, but you need little adjustments for those not used to seeing this small screen. Because of the brightness, it hurts our eyes, and when we bring it outdoors under the sun, it flares up and is annoying.

The other screen is placed at the front. The Nokia 2760 Flip has a slightly bigger screen with a 1.77-inch size, while the TCL Flip 2 is 1.44-inch. Overall, there is no serious contrast between these two. Both are still perfect for showing the phone’s notifications and basic information.

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The camera is the vocal point of the phones, and thankfully, even though both of them are flip phones, they still give us a camera. Nevertheless, the camera between the TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip has a big difference.

The TCL Flip 2 is equipped with a single 2MP camera. This is way smaller than Nokia since they serve you with a 5MP camera. From this aspect, you will know that Nokia is more concerned about modern’s upgrades than the others.

The other flop point of the TCL Flip 2 is that this camera doesn’t come with an LED flash. Unlike with Nokia 2760 Flip, you can’t take bright pictures in dark light conditions.


Having a much better camera quality doesn’t make the Nokia 2760 consider a big internal storage capacity for their users. This phone gives us a 4GB internal capacity to save all the files, including pictures and videos? This seems not too large, but for a flip phone, it’s understandable.

On the other hand, the TCL Flip 2 is more generous in the phone’s space. In contrast, this phone has lower camera quality than the competitor. This phone gives us 8GB of internal storage capacity, or half bigger than Nokia, to store all your important files.

Nevertheless, you can always try the alternatives if you feel this space is insufficient. Both phones can be added with external memory up to 128GB, which is quite a help for you.


At this point, we will talk about each phone’s performance. First of all, the processors. These two smartphones have different processor choices. The TCL Flip 2 relies on the Quad-core MediaTek MT6739-CH with a 1.5GHz speed rate.

This chipset is known for a flip phone because it prioritizes saving more battery usage over-delivering high-performance quality. This is not such an impressive quality, but it’ll be better for you who always use your phone.

Meanwhile, the Nokia 2760 Flip uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 as their processor. As you’ve known, this processor is better than the other because it’s quite durable and performs slightly faster for day-to-day operations.

The other difference comes from their operating system. The TCL Flip 2 uses Android 11 AOSP to be their system. Even though it’s Android, with the AOSP system, you will discover many limited features in every aspect.

Nokia 2760, uses KaiOS 3.1. This operating system is famously used in Nokia flip phones. Both TCL and Nokia have similar looks on their user interface. It’s simple and not confusing at all, especially for beginners.

Additional features, both the TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip have a Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4 for giving us a clear voice. These two devices are very friendly for all users.


Here we landed on the connectivity aspect. The TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip come with 4G LTE. This network is decent for internet networks and other communications like calling and messaging. You can enjoy the network in the most stable state in the world.

These two phones also have a built-in Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet wirelessly. Bluetooth can also connect the phone with a headset or Bluetooth speakers. Last but not least, USB Type-C is coming to become a charging connector.


The TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip have removable battery types but different capacities. For TCL, the day-to-day can be active throughout the day with the help of a 1,850mAh battery capacity. Meanwhile, Nokia has a smaller size than that. It’s only 1,450mAh.

These small gaps can be very obvious when you have the device on the loop for heavy activities. Both phones have different promises battery cycles on paper. For instance, the TCL Flip 2 estimated can last up to 6.8 hours of talk time and 14 hours in standby. On the other hand, Nokia can last up to 7 hours of talk time and 18 hours on standby.

This approximated time is slightly confusing since Nokia, which has a smaller battery capacity, can last longer than TCL Flip 2.


The TCL Flip 2 and Nokia 2760 Flip comparison have ended here. Still, before that, we will summarize what we’ve reviewed before. The overall looks of these two phones have no significant difference.

Moreover, the Nokia camera has better quality than the TCL because it comes with an 5MP quality, which is above the average. But it goes differently with the phone’s internal storage and battery capacity. TCL is in the first spot because it offers us a more generous space than Nokia. Both have the same price of $20.

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