LG Stylo 5 User Manual (Tracfone)

A summary of LG Stylo 5 L722DL user manual, describing the content of this manual to help you see the importance of it and why you should read it before using the device.

LG Stylo 5 User Manual

If you ever wonder whether you really should read the Tracfone LG Stylo 5 user manual before using the device for the first time, then the answer is yes. Why? The answer is because this user manual helps you to use the device safely and properly.

Just imagine what would happen if you mistreated and didn’t use the phone properly. It will not work at its full capacity and you will end up having trouble operating the phone’s function.

Now, what we have here is the summary of LG Stylo 5 user manual. Once you check this summary, you will understand the importance of it.

This user manual describes the phone in several chapters. Those chapters are:

Custom-Designed Feature

LG equipped LG Stylo 5 with several custom-designed features. This chapter describes each of those features beautifully with illustrations so you can better understand them.

The custom-designed features you will find here are stylus pen, camera features, gallery features, Google assistant, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and multi-tasking.

Basic Functions

The basic function of a phone is something that every other phone could do. They are something that people will expect to find from the device they have.

This chapter describes the basic functions of LG Stylo 5. It starts with the physical aspect such as product component, accessories, battery, installing the SIM card and memory card, and how to turn the phone on and off.

Next, it moves to basic knowledge of how to operate the phone. It tells you about touch screen, home screen, screen lock, entering text, taking screenshot, content sharing, memory card encryption, and do not disturb function.

Useful Apps

LG Stylo 5 equipped with default apps. Later, you can add more apps that suit your need. But first, you need to know about those default apps, what are they, how to use it, and how it can help you.

This LG Stylo 5 user manual listed down those apps to make it easier for you to find the explanation for each of it.

Before describing each of those apps, it starts with explaining how to install and uninstall an app, app trash, and app shortcut. After that it goes for each app specifically.

What are the default apps on this phone? They are the phone, messaging, camera, gallery, Chrome, Google apps, contacts, QuickMemo+, clock, calendar, task, music, calculator, email, FM radio, file manager, smart cleaning, and downloads.

So, for example, you want to write down something important on this phone. You can use QuickMemo+. How to use it? Just follow the instruction written down on QuickMemo+ section.

If you want to know about the kind of things you can do with the calendar apps, just go straight to that section. The same thing goes for other apps.


Just like the name stated, this chapter describes the settings for different aspects of the phone. You need to understand that the phone has its default setting. But you can change it the way it suits your preference. The question is what kind of changes you can make and how to do it?

The answer is available in this chapter. Everything you need to know about setting up the phone is somewhere in there.

This chapter specifically talks about the setting for network and internet connection, connected devices, sound, display, notification, lock screen and security, extension, battery, storage, accounts, accessibility, Google, and system.


This chapter discusses the more technical aspect of LG Stylo 5. It describes the LG language setting, phone software update, Anti-theft guide, open source software, and regulatory information.

Perhaps you will find the FAQ section most useful. This section describes the possible problem you may encounter while using this phone along with the possible solution.

For Your Safety

LG care for your safety and that is why this chapter shows up in LG Stylo 5 user manual. It describes a lot of things about how to safely use this device.

For example, it describes radio frequency emission and how it may or may not affect your health. There is also the section that talks about charger and adapter safety, hearing aids, and so on.

Download User Manual

Are you still doubt the importance of LG Stylo 5 L722DL user manual? Surely you don’t. Now you know what you will find inside this user manual, it is time for you to take time to read it carefully before starting with the phone and have fun with it.

Download: LG Stylo 5 User Manual (1 MB)

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