Doro 7050 User Manual (Tracfone)

The outline of Doro 7050 user manual, what it was, the type of information contained within, and the best way to make use of this user manual for the optimum experience.

Doro 7050 User Manual

Doro is a brand that carries simple mobile phone such as Doro 7050. It may sound easy to use a simple phone like this one, but nevertheless, you may want to check out Doro 7050 user manual first before you start with the phone.

Tracfone Doro 7050 user manual describes everything about the phone. It tells you about the buttons, port, the available apps, the basic function, how to use each of those things, and so on.

It shows you everything you need to know about how to use the phone. This is perfect for those who never used a mobile phone before.

The content of this user manual was listed down based on specific topic. This way, you will be able to find the topic you wish to know easily. The contents are:

Doro 7050 User Manual

Physical Identification

The user manual start with several illustrations shows the front and back view of the phone.

These illustrations point out the button and ports and name them for what they are. This way, you can tell the right button for a specific purpose you have in mind.

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Getting Started

The “Getting Started” chapter talks about a couple of things. It describes the process of unboxing the phone, as well as how to insert the SIM Card, memory card, and the battery.

After that, it goes to explain on how to charge the phone, save energy, and how to turn the phone on and off.

Getting to Know your Phone

At the beginning of the Doro 7050 user manual, you will find the illustrations that describe each part of the phone physically. While in this chapter, you will learn something more about the things you see when the phone is one.

This chapter describes external display, phone indicators, and also notification panel and status bar. Next, it goes to explain basic phone operations and also how to enter text.


A simple phone such as this one mainly used for making a call and send a message. This part of Doro 7050 user manual will explain everything about making a call from this phone.

It starts with how to make a call, how to call from the phonebook and receive a call. Then there is also some information about the call options, call log, and emergency call.


This chapter explains a couple of things. It explains how to add contacts, manage contacts, phonebook setting, and ICE or In case of Emergency.

Assistance Button

One of the great things about Doro mobile phone is that on some models there is an assistance button, which in emergencies can be pressed to alert someone in the contact list.

This feature works great for elderly people who may have to deal with an emergency situation. Doro 7050 is one of those models that were equipped with this assistance button. This chapter talks more about this specific feature.


In this chapter, you will find the explanation about how to create and send a text message. There are also other things such as how to read and respond to a message, wireless emergency alert, and message setting.

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Camera and Media

Even a simple phone like this one was equipped with a camera and other media including gallery, video, and recorder. You can learn how to use those functions in this chapter.

One more thing, it also gives you the idea on how to hear to your favorite radio station through the FM Radio apps, where the explanation comes in the next chapter.


This chapter explains a couple of things to help you stay organized. It talks about the alarm, calendar, calculator, note, and file manager. Those are the basic functions of a mobile device that you can find in all types of phone.


It may be a simple phone, but you still can change the setting to your preference. This chapter will explain the settings on different aspects of the phone.

It talks about the setting for personalization, network, connectivity, call setting, privacy and security, assistance, storage, and device.

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Additional Function

Doro 7050 user manual also explains about the additional function you will find in this phone. The additional function here refers to the display status symbol and display main symbols.


You may encounter some problem while operating this mobile phone. This chapter gives you some idea about the possible problem along with the possible solution to try.

Download User Manual

There is more information you will find inside Tracfone Doro 7050 user manual. More information including safety instruction, care and maintenance, battery disposal, and specification. What is more to ask, so make sure to take time to read through this user manual before you start using this phone.

Download: Tracfone Doro 7050 User Manual (850 KB)

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