How to use SOS Mode on LG Classic Flip

The complete guide on how to set up the SOS Mode on LG Classic Flip, including how to add an emergency number and how to access the feature itself.

LG Classic Flip SOS Mode Guide

One of the incredible features on LG Classic Flip is the SOS mode. This feature is especially helpful for elderly and young children.

With the SOS feature, you can send a message with a button. The message contains your location, which later helps others to find you. The button can also call an emergency number in an emergency situation.

Before you can use it, you have to activate it. It takes some configuring. Because you will need to set it up the feature first, then adding an emergency number.

But it is what this guide is about. Enjoy easy-to-follow tutorials about using the SOS Mode and how to set it up beforehand. Hopefully, you can enjoy the SOS feature in no time.

How to Use SOS Mode on LG Classic Flip

Accessing the SOS Mode only requires you to press the SOS key three times. The phone will either send a message or call an emergency number, depending on how you set it up.

Remember, press the SOS key three times, not just once. As for the key/button itself, you can find it on the back cover. The key is the round button with the phone icon on it, located just beside the camera.

LG Classic Flip SOS Mode
LG Classic Flip SOS Key

How to Set Up SOS Mode on LG Classic Flip

But before you can use the SOS key, you need to set it up. Follow the instruction steps below on how to set up SOS Mode on LG Classic Flip:

  1. Open the phone’s apps list. On the main screen, press the CENTER key.
  2. Go to “Settings.” Use the navigation keys to highlight the “Settings” icon. Then press the CENTER key.
  3. Select “Phone settings.” Highlight this option (using the DOWN navigation key), then press the CENTER key to select it.
  4. Go to “SOS mode.” Use the DOWN navigation key and then the CENTER key again to select this option.
  5. Activate the SOS mode. “Mode” will be automatically highlighted. Press the CENTER key. Then select “On” and press the center key again.

At this point, you have successfully activated the SOS mode. But the homework doesn’t just end here. To be fully working, a number must be assigned to the key. Keep reading to find out how to add an emergency number.

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How to Add an Emergency Number on LG Classic Flip

Adding an emergency number requires you to go through the “Settings” app. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Go to “Settings.” From the main screen, press the CENTER key. Then find the “Settings” icon and open it by pressing the CENTER key again.
  2. Go to “Phone settings.” Scroll to this option using the DOWN navigation key, then press the CENTER key.
  3. Select “SOS Mode.” Press the CENTER key on this menu.
  4. Go to “Emergency Number.” Use the DOWN navigation key and press the CENTER key.
  5. Add the emergency number. Press the CENTER key again. The option “New number” will be highlighted, press the CENTER key once more to select it.
  6. Enter the emergency number. Use the dial pad to input the number you’d like to use. Press the CENTER key to confirm.

To close the app, you can press the PWR/END key. One thing to note, you need to enter a mobile phone number. It’s because the number should be able to receive a text message. So, keep that in mind.

Congratulations! At this point, we hoped that you have successfully set up the SOS key. Moreover, you also know how to access it. Now you can have peace of mind, knowing how easy it would be to reach for help when you need one.

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