LG Classic Flip: Memory / Storage Guide

Learn about storage management in this LG Classic Flip memory / storage guide. Also included in this article is the tutorial for firmware (OS) update.

lg classic flip memory guide

The 8GB internal storage of LG Classic Flip is your best friend when storing your files on the phone. Along with an expandable storage option, the phone can hold quite a lot of data despite its minimalistic spec.

One of the ways to keep track of your phone’s storage is checking the memory usage. Make sure you always have free space to avoid phone issues caused by full storage.

On top of that, we also provide a guide on how to delete files on LG Classic Flip. When the memory is almost full, deleting files is one of the solutions.

Lastly, check out the tutorial about firmware update on LG Classic Flip. We also include this topic so you can always have the latest OS on your phone.

How to check memory usage on LG Classic Flip

LG Classic Flip has a menu that lets you know the breakdown of your phone’s storage space. It helps you keep an eye on your internal and external storage. Here’s how to check memory usage on LG Classic Flip.

  1. Press the CENTER key. You will be starting from the main screen, hence this step is necessary to reveal the apps screen.
  2. Find “Settings.” Use the navigation key to select this icon, then press the CENTER key to access it.
  3. Go to “Phone settings.” Then press the CENTER key to open.
  4. Go to “Storage.” Open this option by pressing the CENTER key.
  5. View memory usage. The phone will display the details of your internal storage. If you have an SD card installed, you will see two options: “Phone” and “SD Card”. Press the CENTER key to the desired storage to view its memory details.

So that’s how you view phone storage details on this phone. You will see how much storage is still available, and how much is used.

There’s also a breakdown on storage usage on each file folders (eg. Gallery, Audio). Lastly, to return to the main screen, press the PWR/END key.

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How to delete content on LG Classic Flip

Deleting content can help your storage from getting filled up with unwanted files. That way you will have ample space to store new files in the future. To delete contents on LG Classic Flip, follow the instructions below.

  1. Press the CENTER key. Start from the main screen, and go to the apps icon list by pressing this button.
  2. Go to the “Tools” icon. Press the CENTER key on this icon. To select it, use the navigation keys.
  3. Go to “File manager.” Scroll down in “Tools” to find this option. Use the DOWN navigation key and press the CENTER key once you find it.
  4. Choose the storage type. If you have an SD card installed, you’ll see “internal storage” and “SD card” folders. Pick where the file is stored.
  5. Select the folder and find the file. Go to the folder where the would-e-deleted file is located. Once you find the file, press the CENTER key.
  6. Press the key below “Options.” This step reveals the delete menu.
  7. Go to “Delete.” Highlight this option then press the CENTER key.
  8. Confirm the deletion. A window will pop-up asking “Delete this file?” Press the CENTER key on “Delete.”

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted a file on LG Classic Flip. Deleted files will be permanently erased, so it’s important to make sure you do want to delete them. To finish, you can go back to the main screen by pressing the PWR/END key.

How to update firmware (OS) on LG Classic Flip

The proprietary AOSP operating system on LG Classic Flip is subject to an upgrade every now and then. When a problem occurs with the phone, often it is advised to upgrade the firmware. It can clear bugs and fix errors. To update the OS on LG Classic Flip, follow these steps carefully.

  1. Go to the apps screen. From the main screen, press the CENTER key.
  2. Find “Settings.” Select this icon using the navigation keys, then press the CENTER key.
  3. Press the CENTER key on “Update center.” Scroll down to find it, use the DOWN navigation key.
  4. Select “Software update.” Press the CENTER key on this option. If you see the Privacy Policy notification, press the CENTER key again.
  5. Press the CENTER key on “Check now for updates.” This option is automatically highlighted.
  6. Updating the software. If an update is available, you can press the CENTER key to begin the installation. Otherwise, you will get a message saying “You are using the latest software version for the current OS.”
  7. Return to the main screen. When the update is finished, you can press the PWR/END key.

Congratulations on finishing this memory / storage guide on LG Classic Flip. At this point, storage management is no longer a mystery and a difficult task. Even better, you also know how to update the software. 

Enjoy having a well-maintained device. For more reading about the phone’s full features, don’t forget to also enjoy this review on LG Classic Flip.

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