LG Classic Flip: How to change ringtones and wallpaper

The guide you need about changing ringtones and wallpaper on LG Classic Flip. Add a personal touch to your phone by following the tips here.

lg classic flip change ringtone

Ringtones and wallpaper are among LG Classic Flip features which you can customize. You can select a custom audio for incoming calls. Meanwhile, with wallpaper, you can pick a photo as your phone’s display background.

Customizing your device is always nice. Even when your phone is only a feature phone like this LG Classic Flip. It makes the phone feel unique and personal to its users.

If you don’t know how to do it, below we provide you tutorials on how to do this simple configuration. First, you will read about changing the ringtone. Afterward, learn how to change the wallpaper.

Enjoy tweaking the sound and appearance of your LG Classic Flip. Before long, you’ll have an interesting device that excites you more whenever you use it.

How to change ringtones on LG Classic Flip phone

LG Classic Flip offers quite a selection of audio for ringtones. Aside from the default, you can pick sounds like “Blue Bird” or “Coast Scenery.” Although unfortunately, you can’t pick your own song, for example, the choices are still decent.

Here’s how to change your ringtones on LG Classic Flip phone:

  1. Open the app screen on your phone. From the main screen, press the CENTER key to reveal the icons on LG Classic Flip.
  2. Go to “Settings.” Using the navigation key, highlight this icon and press the CENTER key to finally select it.
  3. Select “Sound & notifications.” Then press the CENTER key.
  4. Go to “Ringtones.” And press the CENTER key again. Here, you can select “Ringtones” to change the call ringtone, or “Notification sounds” for notification ringtone.
  5. Select the desired ringtone. Scroll up or down using the Navigation key to select a ringtone. To finally set it, press the CENTER key.
  6. Return to the main screen. You can press the PWR/END key to finish.

That’s how you change your ringtone from the default one. As you can see, you can set both ringtones and notification sounds using the same step. Now enjoy listening to your favorite sounds whenever a call or a message comes in.

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How to change the wallpaper on my LG Classic Flip phone

This tutorial allows you to change your phone’s wallpaper with a picture you like. You can pick your own photo. Additionally, you can also pick from the available wallpaper gallery. That way, even if you don’t have any photo yet on your Gallery, you can still pick a wallpaper that’s not the default one.

Here’s the detail on how to change the wallpaper on LG Classic Flip phone:

  1. Press the CENTER key. From the main screen, press this button to reveal the apps.
  2. Select the “Settings” icon. Use the navigation keys to highlight “Settings.” Then press the CENTER key.
  3. Go to “Display.” Press the CENTER key on this menu.
  4. Go to “Wallpaper.” Highlight the third option displayed on the screen, and press the CENTER key. You can also directly press the 3 buttons on your keypad.
  5. Browse the gallery. You can either choose a picture from the “Wallpaper gallery” or “Gallery.” Press the 1 key to pick from the Wallpaper gallery. Otherwise, press the 2 key if you like to open your own photo gallery.
  6. Set the image as the new wallpaper. Use the navigation keys to browse and highlight the picture you like. Once you found it, press the CENTER key on the picture to set it as the wallpaper.
  7. Return to the main screen. Press the PWR/END key to close Settings.

Congratulations! Now you have your favorite photo displayed across the main screen and the lock screen. You will notice that unlike with smartphones, the background of your app screen will be unchanged. The wallpaper can’t be applied here.

Changing ringtones and wallpaper on LG Classic Flip turn out to be easy. Now you can enjoy a fully customized phone with your favorite sound and picture as the wallpaper. If you’re bored and want to tweak things out again, just do the steps above to re-customize.

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