Tracfone LG 329G Phone Review (Specs and Feature)

LG 329G is a non-Android phone that support Tracfone service, where it has modern design to appeal modern user yet it comes with the simplicity of featured phone and also available in a very affordable price.

A full mobile function is what people can expect to get from Tracfone LG 329G. As part of Tracfone non-Android device, this phone can be used with Tracfone service. This is a simple featured phone that has all key standard features of a phone. Although it is only a featured phone, it has modern design that will appeal to modern user who already used to the look of smartphone.

Tracfone LG 329G Phone Review

The phone book of LG 329G is capable to hold up to 500 entries. It makes the whole part of calling and texting friends and family is so easy. Since this phone use Tracfone service, it provides people with talk time that is more than enough to allow people make call to other people they want to wherever they are. Tracfone provides flexible plan that allow people to choose the amount of airtime they want to add to this phone.

The phone also comes with other features such as pre loaded wallpapers and ringtone. It is easy for user to change the ringtone and also the wallpaper based on their personal preference. If they got bored with the available wallpaper and ringtone, they can download more graphics and ringtone.

Tracfone LG 329G front side back

People are also able to use this phone to connect to the internet. An access to the internet is considered as standard feature that must be present in any type of phone this day since people already accustomed with the availability on internet connection in their hand. So, having the ability to connect to the internet with 3G speed on this phone is good thing.

The battery of LG 329G is able to stand for 2.1 hours for active use and 8.8 days in standby mode. The 2.1 hours of talk time is a very short one and this is one of the downside of this phone. Those who tend to make several long calls through the day have to charge the phone more than once, and it is not a practical move.

Tracfone LG 329G screenshot

LG 329G has its good side and downside, and it is obvious that this phone was made for those who use a phone to make occasional call and texting. Those who love to make calls and text a lot may want to see other options that Tracfone have. Other than that, this phone is a decent phone that work well as a means of communication and it doesn’t hurt either that it was offered for $9.99 on Tracfone website.

Tracfone LG 329G Specs and Features

Included Battery: Lithium-ion
Size: 4.41″ x 1.85″ x 0.56″
Standby time: Up to 8.8 days
Talk time: Up to 2.1 hours
Weight: 2.68 (ounces)
Included Accessories: AC Adapter
Features: 3G speed
Alarm Clock
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Color Screen
Graphics Download
Hearing Aid Compatible
Multimedia Messaging
Phone Book with up to 500 Entries
Ringtones Download
Vibration Alert
Voice Dialing
Voice/Sound Recorder


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  1. I have this phone and I hate it! I’m trying to charge it and it isn’t connecting and then l try to have it off when charging and it won’t stay off. What’s going on?

  2. Old school. Really a garbage phone. Net10 was supposed to replace my old phone with a 4G phone and sent me this one. What a disappointment.

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