How to Insert, Remove and Charge the Battery on Alcatel MyFlip

In this article, we will show you how to insert, remove and charge the battery on Alcatel MyFlip properly. There are also some tips on extending the phone’s battery life.

Alcatel MyFlip Battery Guide

Installing and charging a phone’s battery sounds like an easy task, but some of us still need help with it. Especially on Alcatel MyFlip.

A flip phone is not something common nowadays. It’s better to consult a guide than to proceed blindly. You certainly don’t want to damage your phone out of ignorance.

We will explain how to insert, remove, and charge the battery on Alcatel MyFlip. Taking care of the battery is beyond just understanding how to insert / remove.

That’s why we also include tips on preserving your battery life after the tutorials. Keep reading until the end.

How to remove the back cover of Alcatel MyFlip

Alcatel MyFlip comes with a removable battery. Opening its back cover is something inevitable, because that’s where the ports for the battery, SIM card, and SD card are located.

Removing the back cover can be a daunting task. Things can go wrong, such as accidentally damaging your phone because you open it with too much force.

Below, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to remove the back cover of Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Find a space on the lower part of the cover. On the back of your phone, on the lower corner, you’ll see space. This space is where you can dig with your nail. You don’t need to use any tool as it can damage your phone.
  2. Lift open the back cover. Lift carefully until the back cover begins to loosen.
  3. Remove the back cover completely. Now you have successfully removed the back cover.

How to insert the battery on Alcatel MyFlip

Your new Alcatel MyFlip may come without the battery installed. It means you have to install the battery yourself.

Before inserting the battery, you have to open the cover beforehand. Open the cover by flipping open the back cover through a small dent on the bottom of the cover.

Then you can do the next step. Here’s how to insert the battery of Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Make sure the battery is properly positioned. You need to know what’s the right position of the battery. Which one is the top part and which one is the bottom part. How do you know that it’s the right position? It’s by checking the metal pins of the battery. Those pins should touch the metal bars inside the battery slot.
  2. Insert from the bottom. After you’re sure it’s the proper position, insert the bottom part first into the compartment.
  3. Push the top part. After positioning its bottom part, push the top part of the battery too until it is inserted completely.
  4. Once finished, close the back cover. Now you can safely do the next steps like charging the battery and turning on your phone.

How to remove the battery on Alcatel MyFlip

On Alcatel MyFlip, the SIM Card and SD Card slots are located behind the battery. Therefore, if you want to insert a card, you need to take out the battery first.

To do it properly, pay attention to the following list describing how to remove the battery on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Turn off the phone. It’s important to turn off the phone first before you open the back cover and remove the battery. Removing without turning off can risk possible damages such as loss of data.
  2. Remove the back cover. To remove the back cover, reach for the space on the bottom of the cover, and remove the cover by flipping it open carefully.
  3. Remove the battery. Take off the battery from its slot. You can remove from the top part first. And then gradually also remove the bottom until the whole battery is off its slot. Congrats, now you have successfully removed the battery from the phone.

How to charge the battery on Alcatel MyFlip

After you learn to insert/remove your battery, it’s time to learn about charging. Charging your phone gives the device the power its need to run smoothly. It’s pretty easy how to charge the battery.

Before charging, make sure you have the authentic charger. It’s recommended to not use an unofficial charger to avoid damaging your battery.

Afterward, follow instructions below on how to charge the battery on Alcatel MyFlip:

  1. Insert the cable. Plug the small end of the charging cable into the charging port on the phone. The charging port of Alcatel MyFlip is located at the bottom left of the phone. Don’t mistake it with the headset connector, which located above the charging port.
  2. Plug the charger. After the charger is properly inserted, plug the charger head into an electrical outlet.
  3. Check the indicator. You will know that the charger is connected when you see the battery indicator changes. You can see the battery indicator on the phone screen and on the subscreen.
  4. Wait until the battery is full. It’s recommended to turn off settings you don’t use such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while you charge. It helps to charge your phone faster and avoid wasting power. Once the battery sign indicates that it’s full, you can unplug the charger by then.
How to charge the battery on Alcatel MyFlip

How to make your phone battery last longer

Aside from knowing how to charge your phone, also learn how to make your phone battery last longer. Using power effectively means longer battery life. You don’t have to charge too often and replace your battery too soon.

Here are several tips how to make your phone battery last longer:

1. Turn off features you’re not using

These features include Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth. Often we keep them turned on without realizing and they keep chugging the power in the background.

You can also turn the Airplane Mode on. But be aware that by using airplane mode, you won’t get any notifications.

2. Use Power Saving mode

Alcatel MyFlip has Power Saving mode. Turning on Power Saving disables wireless connection automatically.

It’s recommended to turn this feature on so you don’t have to turn everything off manually by yourself.

3. Lower the brightness

Screen brightness is also something that uses a lot of battery power. Reduce your phone’s brightness to extend the battery life. To do this, you can go to “Settings > Display > Brightness”.

4. Shorten Screen Timeout time

Screen Timeout automatically turns off the phone’s display after certain minutes of use. The lower Screen Timeout you set, the longer battery life you will get. Go to “Settings > Display > Screen Timeout” to adjust this setting.

5. Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data

When available, choose Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. Using Wi-Fi not only preserves your battery, but it also preserves your data balance.

Now, you have mastered the basic task of inserting, removing, and charging Alcatel MyFlip’s battery. You also have read how to preserve battery life.

We wrote instructions above as easy as possible to understand. However, if you still face difficulty, shout out on the comments so we can help you.

Do you know anyone that’s also confused about inserting and removing the battery? Don’t forget to share our article with those who might need the information above.

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