Understanding the Layout of Alcatel MyFlip (A405DL)

Understanding the layout of Alcatel MyFlip is easy. Explained here descriptions of each phone parts from the ports, phone screens and camera, keys, to navigation buttons.

Understanding the Layout of Alcatel MyFlip

Alcatel MyFlip is a reliable phone that does its job well. It’s a feature phone, so understanding the layout of Alcatel MyFlip should a breeze compared to understanding a smartphone. There are not many configurations needed to operate it.

However, some of you might still get confused about its layout. Because either way, you won’t be looking at this article at the moment, right?

No need to worry, because this article will help you through every element you need to know about this phone’s layout. By the end of this article, you know what each button, key, or menu is for.

Why do you need to know about Alcatel MyFlip layout?

There are several important elements on Alcatel MyFlip that you need to know:

  • Where the important keys are located, such as camera key and volume key.
  • Where the important navigation buttons are located. This includes left and right soft keys, call key, center soft key, power key, and message key.
  • Where the camera and the subscreen are located.
  • The location of the important ports and connector (Charging port, headset connector).
  • Where the speaker and the microphone are.

It’s important that you pay attention to each of this element. It could save you some serious mistake, such as accidentally end an important call because you pressed the wrong button.

It also saves you from embarrassing mistakes, such as screaming to the speaker instead of into the microphone (You will be surprised how many people often get these two mixed up).

The layout of Alcatel MyFlip

To make everything easier, let’s divide the Alcatel MyFlip layout into two sub-layouts. The first layout is when the phone is closed. The second layout is when the phone is flipped open.

Alcatel MyFlip Layout
Alcatel MyFlip Layout

When you close the phone, in the front part you will find:


Alcatel MyFlip is equipped with 2 Megapixel camera. You can easily spot it as it has a round shape and is located in front.

When the phone is closed, the camera can be found on top of the small display screen (sub screen). When opened, the camera is located around in the middle of the phone.

Sub screen

The sub screen is a smaller screen installed under the camera. It tells users time and date, the battery level, it also displays the wallpaper, incoming texts and missed calls.

The sub screen is useful for information at a glance. You can see important notifications without having the need to open the phone.

On the left side, you will find:

Headset connector

This is a port when you can plug in your earphone, either to listen to music or make a call.

Alcatel MyFlip has the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Headset also serves as your antenna when you use the FM radio app.

Charging port

Charging port is where you plug your battery charger. Make sure to always use official accessories only to avoid damaging your battery.

On the right side, you will find:

Camera Key

Camera Key helps you to get instant access to the camera app. When you click it, the phone will open the camera.

Once you click it the second time, it captures a photo or records a video. Camera Key is located on the top right side of the phone, just above the volume key.

You can also take a screenshot by pressing a combination the Camera Key and the Volume Down Key together.

Volume Keys

Volume Key helps you adjust the volume of the phone, but it depends on what apps open at the time.

  • If nothing is open, the Volume Keys adjust the ringtone volume.
  • If you’re opening the music, video, or streaming app, the Volume Keys adjust the media volume.
  • If you’re on a call, the keys adjust the headset volume.
  • You can also mute an incoming call with the Volume Keys.

Now, it’s time to flip open the phone. Let’s divide this part into two, the top side, and the bottom side.

The layout of Alcatel MyFlip

On the top part, here are the components:

Main Screen

The main screen displays menu, apps, and everything else that’s a part of your phone’s user interface. It is not a touchscreen, so nothing will happen if you tap on it.

The Main Screen is exclusively a display. To navigate it, you will have to master the navigation keys, which we will explain below. So, keep reading.


Speaker is located on top of the Main Screen. This is where the audio output comes from the phone.

On the bottom part, it’s more crowded here. Let’s see the layout.

Center Soft Key

Center soft key is the big rectangle button in the top middle of the navigation key with the word “OK”. Its function is to confirm an option.

Navigation Keys (Up, Down, Left, Right)

Instead of a touchscreen, you go to one menu to another with the help of Navigations keys. With these keys, you can go up, down, left and right on a menu.

Messages Key

Messages Key open Messages App, so you can access your texts with just pressing a button.

Call Key

You can pick up your call by pressing the Call Key. If you press it when not receiving any call, you’ll be prompted into the dial screen (to make a call).

Back/Clear Key

The Back Key navigates you back to the previous menu/screen. It also closes the options menu and dialog box.

If you’re typing something with the keyboard, it will erase what you wrote. If you long-press this key, it clears all characters at one time.

End/Power Key

End/Power Key has two functions. It navigates you back to the home screen. The second function is as a power button if you long-press it.

Left Soft Key

Left soft key lets you select menu that you see on the bottom left of your Main screen.

Right Soft Key

Right Soft Key lets you select “options”, located at the bottom right of the screen when you use an app. It will open to more actions you can choose. For example, adding a recipient when sending a message.

So, those are the layout of Alcatel MyFlip. With so many keys and buttons, it might need some times to get used to them. But don’t worry, in the end, you’ll get the hang of it.

Is there anything that you don’t understand yet? Let us know in the comment so we can help.

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  1. I need HELP. I’m not tech savy. Thought this was a simple flip phone.
    I don’t want to set up answering. The phone only rings once or twice, then stops ringing and tells callers there is no answering machine set up. How can I set the phone to just keep ringing until answered? Phone only used as emergency backup. Would appreciate STEP BY STEP procedure to fix.

    Also would appreciate step by step method to establish contact list and how to find and access list, along with my own number.
    Many thanks, DLM

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