BLU View Speed 5G User Manual

Get yourself a reliable guidebook before digging into your new 5G smartphone. Here is the Blu View Speed 5G user manual to accommodate your needed information.

BLU View Speed User Manual

Recently, a 5G smartphone has been widely sold. If you have one of these, you’ve got a modern phone. The Blu View Speed 5G smartphone is included. Not only its latest network but several features inside are quite fascinating to learn about.

For the first 5G smartphone users, it’s confusing – and some of you might get lost when exploring the device. Because of this situation, there is a useful guidebook for every user in the phone’s box.

What is the guidebook? It’s called the Blu View Speed 5G user manual. Most people often ignore a little piece because they don’t know how useful it is. It consists of the phone’s introductions, instructions, and preventions. It is all shortened by this summary below.

Download User Manual

How about taking a moment to download the Blu View Speed 5G user manual? You can download it now or right after you’ve finished this summary. It’s basically up to you. Don’t forget to save it on your device for future reference.

➡️ Download Blu View Speed 5G User Manual (PDF)

Call Functions

The Call Functions becomes the first chapter we’re going to discuss. Having a call function in our smartphone is the most essential thing. Even though it has basic operations like other phones, learning about the Blu View Speed 5G call functions is very important.

In this chapter, you will see three pieces of information related to call functions: placing a call, call options, and call logs.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are standard features of a modern smartphone. The information about these two features is compiled into one chapter, and it is where it goes. At first, you will learn about how to power on Bluetooth. Then, it starts to inform you how to power the Wi-Fi. It shows the display look, so you will have a better idea about it.


Remember this; you can’t access most of the apps on your Blu View Speed 5G smartphone if you don’t have a Gmail account yet. You can also send an email to your mutuals with it. If you don’t have any idea about it, don’t worry. It’s a nice move to keep scrolling down the user manual because you will find this chapter.

With this, you will get a thorough knowledge of Gmail. Starts with a tutorial about how to open the Gmail app and send an email.


It won’t be complete if we don’t learn about the Blu View Speed 5G camera. This chapter will get your back by explaining the camera functionality with its tutorials. What do you want from this feature? Capture a picture? Record a video? Learn it all here.

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After all the features, don’t forget to put any security into your Blu View Speed 5G smartphone. It’s very important and very not recommended to skip this part. This chapter contains two different topics; security status and device security.

You will find information about Google Play Protect, Find My Device, and Security Updates in the security status part. Meanwhile, in the device security, you will be informed of the Screen Lock features, Face ID, Smart Lock, and SIM Card Lock.


No troubles can’t be solved, especially if you have the user manual in hand. If you keep scrolling to the bottom line, you will find a full list to troubleshoot your device whenever it’s showing problems.

That’s it, the Blu View Speed 5G user manual. See? It covers all the important information to get your device properly prepared. Why don’t you download the user manual with the link we’ve provided above?

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