Samsung Galaxy A20 User Manual (TracFone)

Overview on Samsung Galaxy A20 (S205DL) user manual to know what it provides to help understand your phone more. Download and keep a copy for future reference.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Manual

When talking about user manuals, many of you would think it is something to be skipped when just buying a new phone.

However, reading it won’t hurt either. In fact, manuals such as Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual can provide a lot of benefit to its readers.

The most obvious benefit is that you become knowledgeable about your phone functionalities. There are many configurations you can learn with the manual.

Another benefit is you might encounter interesting features you never know you needed before. This is especially true for Galaxy A20 (S205DL) which comes with many trendy features that’s you won’t see in older models.

Galaxy A20 User Manual

To be specific, here are the sections inside:

Parts and components

You can start with the section that describes the physical appearance of Galaxy A20. Here, know where things are located, from the charger port to slots for SD Card.

Learn each key and its functions. You won’t be confused as there is an illustration that provides readers with the necessary visuals. This section is a great idea to start with the manual.

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Getting started

There are two important points you need to read in this section. The first is about how to install the required peripherals before actually turning the phone on.

It includes how to insert the SIM card and SD card, and how to charge the battery properly. For this, head to “Assemble your device” chapter.

The next thing you will read here is how to set up the phone for the first time. There’s a guide about using the Setup Wizard and how to transfer data from an old device.

The tutorials continue to accounts setup, voicemail, and setting up a lock/unlock method. A brief explanation about menus and status icons are also included in this section.


Take time to flip through this section to beautify your phone screen. Personalization is covered in the subchapter “Customize your screen”. Here, read about selecting and applying a theme, as well as choosing a wallpaper.

You can also customize the appearance of app icons. There’s also a chapter discussing widgets, Easy Mode, and Multi Window feature.

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The chapter “Apps” is also broken down into several parts. The first thing you read is about the basic apps that are pre-installed on your device. Apps such as Phone, Messaging, and Camera comes with more tutorials and features descriptions.

In addition, you’ll also read about Samsung apps and Google apps. This part is also worth to look at, especially since there are a lot of useful features Samsung included on Galaxy A20 (S205DL).

Apps such as Galaxy Wearables and Samsung Smart Switch could be useful if you also use other smart devices from Samsung.


The Settings chapter on Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual covers a lot of things. One of them is Network settings in a sub-section titled “Connections”.

The configuration covered here are related to network features on Samsung Galaxy A20, such as mobile data setting, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connection.

This part of the manual is the one you’re looking for when you want to connect either to the internet or other devices.

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Display settings

Display settings section discusses Screen Brightness, which you can adjust according to what you’re comfortable with.

Also learn about Blue Light filter, a filter to ease your eyes when using the phone at night. Other adjustments covered here are font size, font style, and screen zoom.


In Security, you learn more than just setting up the usual method (PIN / password / pattern). There are explanations about fingerprints and face recognition.

You will also learn about encrypting SD card, turning on Find My Mobile feature, and using Samsung Pass. This section helps to keep the data inside your device protected well.

Device Maintenance

Know how to view the status of your device’s storage, and memory. This chapter also shows the readers how to use quick optimization to enhance your device’s performance.

Lastly, this section also covers battery optimization, including how to show battery usage and selecting power modes to extend battery life.

Download User Manual

Aside from the sections and chapters mentioned above, keep reading since Samsung Galaxy A20 user manual leaves plenty of information to read.

In addition, you can seek more information from external sources, such as the Samsung official page through the link provided inside the manual.

Know your phone and be a user who knows how to reach the maximum potential your device can offer.

Download: Samsung Galaxy A20 User Manual (2 MB)

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