Alcatel TCL A2 (A507DL) User Manual

An overview of Alcatel TCL A2 (A507DL) user manual. A helpful guide covering all your phone’s features. Read about basic settings, tutorials, and safety tips.

TCL A2 Manual

You know what a phone manual is. It’s the document users would rather ignore when buying a new phone. Perhaps you think it isn’t as useful, or you can just start using the phone and learn along the way.

Here, we recommend otherwise. Manuals like Alcatel TCL A2 user manual could be beneficial for new users. A manual offers information that helps you with various things.

It also doesn’t take much time to read. There is an index in the front so you can go straight to the topic you want to read.

Alcatel TCL A2 User Manual

Here are the topics covered in the manual:

Your mobile

This section shows users what are Alcatel TCL A2’s keys and connectors. Several pages focus on the phone’s layout. There are pictures with arrows indicating each phone’s part, from the back, front, and side view.

There’s also an explanation for the phone’s three main buttons (Back, Home, and Recent Apps buttons).

Getting started

This is the section users would consult if they want to set up the phone for the first time. Getting Started starts with a tutorial to install the SIM card and microSD card.

It then continues with an introduction on the Home screen and the icons on it. Here, you can learn about status icons, notification icons, quick settings panel, and many more.

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Text Input

As the title suggest, this section provides tutorials for the keyboard. Since TCL A2 is an Android phone, it uses Google Keyboard.

Here, learn how to type, access symbols and uses emojis with Google Keyboard. There’s also a tutorial for text editing functions such as copy, cut, and paste.

Phone and contacts

Separated into two parts, this section discusses the two most commonly used communication features of a phone, phone and contact.

Learn various basic tasks such as how to place a call, answer one, and view calls history.

In chapter Contacts, new users will benefit tips on how to import contacts from your old phone.


Another commonly used feature on a phone is the classic SMS, although many messaging apps have started replacing it.

Here, find instructions on how to write an SMS and send it. In addition, users will also read about multimedia messages or MMS.


This section focuses on Gmail as the main email app on TCL A2. The manual walks users since the creation of a new Google account. Then a tutorial follows, about how to create and send emails using Gmail.

Getting Connected

When you need to access the internet from your phone, consult to Getting Connected section. It shows how to connect the world wide web using either 4G networks or Wi-Fi.

The information is very detailed here and easy to follow. In no time, you can access your favorite social media sites.

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Alcatel TCL A2 comes with a GPS feature. It helps users determine the current location using GPS satellites. This section provides instructions on how to activate location service on TCL A2.

There’s also an introduction to Google Maps app, as well as a tutorial on how to use the location feature using this app.

Data backup

Every now and then, a user might need to back up the data on their phone, such as before doing factory reset.

TCL A2 provides an easy backup feature on its system. It’s not complicated and all you need to do is following the instructions written in this section.

Factory data reset

Alcatel put factory data reset on a dedicated section. This procedure is an important troubleshooting method in Android phones.

When you encounter a problem in the future and need to do factory reset, this section can serve as a useful guide.

Applications and internal storage

This section contains a brief explanation about apps on TCL A2 (A507DL), especially the built-in apps such as the ones from Google. The part about internal storage explains how to access the storage setting with the phone and how to read the storage information.

Download User Manual

To summarize, this manual has shown us that it is a reliable source of information for your new phone. Alcatel TCL A2 user manual also concludes with additional information regarding safety and use.

If you’re concerned with the safety aspect of this phone, you can spare a few more minutes to read this last part.

Download: Alcatel TCL A2 User Manual (PDF)

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