How to Check Tracfone Airtime Balance on Android Phone (Updated)

Keeping tab on the airtime balance on your TracFone Android smartphone is very important and there is an easy way to do it, so you will never run out of minutes in the most important moment.

TracFone is a prepaid cell phone service provider that provides people with cell phones (non-smartphone and smartphone) along with the airtime card.

The airtime card that you enter on TracFone phone will give you specific airtime that you can use to make a call, send text or browse the internet.

Image How to Check Tracfone Airtime Balance on Android Phone

On older phone or features phone, you can check airtime balance via prepaid menu or looking on the information on the home screen.

That is for older phone, while for Android smartphone, you can’t use the same method to check your balance. You need to use other method to do that.

Now before you check your airtime balance, you need to understand that TracFone divided the airtime for Android smartphone into three parts, the airtime for call, text and data.

The airtime balance on each part will be vary depend on what kind of actions that you do the most.

If you use your phone mostly for browsing then you will run out the airtime for data sooner than the airtime for text and call.

How to Check Tracfone Minutes Balance on Android

Now, since you can’t check the airtime balance on Android smartphone using prepaid menu, then how you are going to know the amount of airtime you have left?

There are several methods to do this and they are:

1. Use TracFone My Account app. An app is the easiest way to check your airtime balance.

The TracFone My Account app is available in Google Play Store. You can download this app and use it to check the balance of every aspect of your airtime. You also can set it up as widget in your home screen for faster access.

Image of Tracfone My Account App
Tracfone My Acccount App

2. Check the airtime balance online, from TracFone website.

You can use your smartphone or PC to go to Tracfone website, log in and there you can see the details of your account, including the remain of airtime balance you have.

3. Check the airtime balance online, from TracFone online balance inquiry.

Go to this URL to check your airtime balance:, then input your TracFone phone number.

4. Make a call to *777*1# and get the information of your airtime balance.

Unfortunately this method only applies to GSM devices. For CDMA devices, use the next method.

5. Check the airtime balance via Text Message

If you have a CDMA devices, you can text the word USAGE or BALANCE to 611611

6. Check the airtime balance online, from Fastactportal.

Go to this URL:, where all you need to do is enter your phone number and you will be able to see your airtime balance.

There are 6 different methods that you can try to keep tab on your airtime balance. Some people find that some methods are not working on their phone while other find no problem with it. So, feel free to use any method that works for you.

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  1. The *777*1# method (from what I understand) is only useful for GSM phones. If you have a CDMA phone, you can text the word USAGE or BALANCE to 611611.

    It will respond with a message and then a 2nd text message (from a different SMS number) will be received with your phone’s voice, data and text numbers.

    This method did not work for a while but it did start again in November.
    It also does not cost you text units.

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