Tracfone Moto G Power 2022 User Manual / User Guide

When it comes to understanding a new product, the user manual is a mandatory document. Read the Moto G Power 2022 user manual carefully before using the product.

Moto G Power 2022 Manual

A new product without any guidance will be confusing. We all know the struggles. That’s why a user manual is included in the Moto G Power 2022’s box to help you understand the product.

Before exploring the product, take a moment to read the Tracfone Moto G Power 2022 (XT2165DL) user manual. It will guide you to find useful features and functions. Importantly, to prevent any unwanted issues.

We have already provided a summary of the user manual. We hope you will better understand the Moto G Power 2022.

Your Device

Did you know that every phone has its unique number to identify the device? In this first section, you will find the essential information about your phone identity.

This essential information includes your phone serial number or IMEI, phone number, and SIM number.


This Accessibility section gives you information about using some unique features to make your device work easier. The special features include swipe to split apps, screen readers, display customization, interaction controls, audio & on-screen text, and experimental features.

The Accessibility features are handy for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities to improve their experience and make them more comfortable while using the Moto G Power 2022.


Want to take good pictures with your Moto G Power 2022? In this section, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the camera features. Including camera specifications, how to take pictures, some options and modes, settings and how to edit images and videos.

The Camera section also gives information about the Google Lens tools. This tool allows your camera to identify the image and provide you with some information about the picture that you took. It helps you to explore so many things around you.

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Digital Wellbeing

Read this section closely to control your digital habits better and supervise your child’s digital activity. It tells you to set your screen times, ways to disconnect, reduce interruptions, and parental controls.

Parental control is handy if you have a kid to be supervised. It allows you to add restrictions, set app approvals, set content filters, keep an eye on screen time, and set screen time limits for their digital usage.

Moto Apps

We love some personal customization. It makes your phone way easier to use. This Moto section of the Moto G Power 2022 user manual has features that you can apply to your phone.

The features include Moto Personalize to styling your phone by making custom themes or choosing the wallpaper you like. Moto Gestures to personalize your phone to do something only by some gestures.

Besides those, there is Moto Display to make your screen display keep active by utilizing some settings and Moto Play to enhance your entertainment experience.

Office Features

Your phone is more like your office’s gadget, and you need advanced features to make your work easier? Don’t worry!

We provide everything related to some office features. Do you want to print images or office documents? You can do that with Bluetooth! Get more convenient to multitask? You can use a split-screen function to use two apps simultaneously. Or, set up and manage the VPN? It’s easy-peasy. Basically, you’re in the right section!


Security is essential for every device. The Moto G Power 2022 knows and is concerned about that. In addition, we give you some security knowledge to protect your phone.

There are some options to secure your phone. These are screen lock, fingerprint recognition, face unlock, Google Play protect, SIM card lock, find my device, screen pinning, and permission manager.

Download User Manual

That’s a wrap! The summary of the Tracfone Moto G Power 2022 (XT2165DL) user manual. Hopefully, you can get a little idea about the user manual with this summary.

If you want to read the full document, here is the download link. Read carefully, and you’re ready to explore the journey with the Moto G Power 2022.

Download: Moto G Power 2022 User Manual (PDF)

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