Nokia 2760 Flip (N139DL) User Manual / User Guide

A user manual is an essential document to help the customers learn about the product. Make sure to read the Nokia 2760 Flip user manual. Download link available.

Nokia 2760 Flip N139DL Manual

Getting a new product is always exciting, don’t you agree? Especially if the product is a Nokia 2760 Flip, you can’t wait to open the package immediately and find out what’s inside the box.

Inside the box, you will find the Nokia 2760 Flip (N139DL) user manual. This complete guide is handy to assist you in exploring the product thoroughly.

Let’s look at the user manual summary that we provide just for you. So, you will get a better knowledge about the Nokia 2760 Flip.

Get Started

In this first section, you will find everything you need to start operating the product. It tells you what keys and parts are available on your phone. It also shows some steps to put in your SIM card and charge your phone.


It may be basic, but it’s an important starter-kick to deeply understand the Nokia 2760 Flip. In this Basic section, you will find every common knowledge to use the product. Including changing the volume, locking or unlocking the keys and screen, set a screen key.

You will also learn detailed information about accessibility mode, such as adding ICE details, making an SOS call, or sending an SOS message.

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Connect With Your Friend and Family

The primary function of a phone is to stay connected with your loved ones. And, how can you do that without knowing a step-by-step guide to operate it? 

At this point, we will give you a full tour about operating the tools for connecting with others like calls, saving and organizing contacts, calling a contact, sending a message and mail.

Do you want to make your phone more personal? This section also gives you information to personalize your phone, like changing the ringtone, changing your home screen look, and creating personalized shortcut keys.


Understand the Nokia 2760 Flip camera’s functionality better to take the best shot of you. Learn how to take a photo with or without timers, view the image, record a video, and watch the recorded video in this camera’s section.

Internet and Connections

Surfing the internet will never be easy without complete guidance about the Internet and Connections. Find out how to connect to the internet, browse the web, turn on Bluetooth connection, and set up the WiFi connection.

For WiFi settings, you will find out a way to turn on the WiFi settings and let you enable WiFi calls to make a call if your mobile network is not available.

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Music and Videos

Enjoy the entertainment features of the Nokia 2760 Flip. Do you want to listen to the music, play the video, or record some sound clips? Read this section, and you will get some enlightenment to operate the functions.

Organize Your Day

Let’s have a better ‘work-life balance’ with all the functions in this Organize Your Day section. It gives you information about setting the alarm, setting a countdown timer, stopwatch, adding a calendar reminder, and using the calculator.

This section is really helpful for you to keep your daily schedule on track. So, make sure to read the user manual thoroughly!

Content Transfer

Have some issues with copying content between your phone and computer? Find your files? Or, check the amount of free memory? Then, take a look at this section closely to help you solve the problem. No more worry about the issues.

Security and Privacy

Afraid about data stolen? Malware? And phone viruses? Let’s keep your privacy secure with all the essential knowledge of this last section of the Nokia 2760 Flip user manual.

The security and privacy section provides information to check your app’s permission and manage your internet privacy settings.

Download User Manual

That is the summary of the Nokia 2760 Flip (N139DL) user manual. We want you to fully understand and not find any difficulties while operating the product.

Take your time, read the full document of the user manual, and find out everything you want and need to know before using the Nokia 2760 Flip.

Download: Nokia 2760 Flip User Manual (PDF)

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