Nokia G100 (N150DL) User Manual

The Nokia G100 user manual is a document that discovers all of the phone’s features and functions. The user manual contains plenty of useful information for users.

Nokia G100 User Manual

As a well-known brand, Nokia is famous for being a top-notch quality device. The Nokia G100 is one of those. It has several interesting features. You can’t resist playing around with the phone as soon as possible.

However, you must calm down a bit because you must prepare everything. The user manual is the best resource to reveal and maximize the phone’s potential. It offers a full-depth explanation.

Before you’re ready for the full document manual, we will provide you with a summary of the Nokia G100 (N150DL) user manual. By this, we hope you can get a big idea of the documents. After that, we’ll give you the download link below if you’re keen to know more.

Get Started

There is no better way of starting the phone than figuring out the phone’s ins and outs. If you have no clue about it, that’s the purpose of having a user manual in the box. In the first chapter of the manual, you will figure out the Nokia G100 phone’s layouts with each label.

After that, you will see the tutorial on installing the memory and SIM card, charging the phone, and setting up some security settings. You will also be able to choose how to navigate with the gestures and keys.


The basic information is often forgotten by the users. In this Basic chapter, you can see a full tutorial about the phone’s default settings. At first, you can start personalizing the device by changing the wallpaper or changing the ringtones.

Interestingly, this chapter shows you how to save battery life. It will be very helpful for you. In the next part, you can see how to activate the automatic text correction and accessibility features.

Connect With Your Friend and Family

The main idea of having a smartphone is to stay connected with friends and family members. The third chapter of the manual will talk about the essential communication features. You will learn how to make a call, answer, and reject a call.

There is also an explanation about how to add and manage the contact lists and how to send and receive the messages and use the mails feature.

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The Nokia G100 camera is equipped with an amazing triple rear camera. With this, you can explore many camera experiences. This chapter is made for you if you don’t know how to maximize the camera’s potential.

You can learn how to take a picture with rear and selfie cameras. You will also learn how to record a video and view the results. In the end, you will get the info about copying the photos and videos into the computer or sharing them with other apps or devices.

Internet and Connections

The Internet and Connections chapter of the user manual definitely will be a top search. Users are usually using their smartphones to connect to the internet. Every device has different configurations, and it’s better to come prepared.

You will learn how to activate the Wi-Fi connectivity and use the web browsers. There are also tutorials about how to activate the Bluetooth and VPN connectivity as well.

Organize Your Day

Make your life more organized with the help of some features on the Nokia G100 smartphones. This chapter discusses the features you can use, complete with step-by-step explanations. Those features are the Alarm and Calendar.

Download User Manual

We’re reaching the end of the summary. It didn’t contain all. There is still a lot going on in the Nokia G100 user manual. However, we have prepared more for you. We are provided the full PDF of the user manual. You can download it here, and let’s see if it can fulfill your needs.

Download: Nokia G100 User Manual (PDF)

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