TCL 30 XL Review: Four Camera For Photography Savvy

An affordable smartphone with four cameras and other decent features? In this TCL 30 XL (T701DL) review, you’ll get why this camera has a lot of potential.

TCL 30 XL Review

It’s not hard to find an affordable smartphone with many advanced specifications. The TCL 30 XL is one of those. This phone has many interesting features that caught our attention.

Despite the four rear cameras, this phone supports a 6.82-inch display screen with full HD+ screen quality. Moreover, it also comes in a large battery, large RAM, and decent internal storage.

Without further ado, let’s move on to talk about this device specifically. The TCL 30 XL (T701DL) review has an in-depth explanation that covers the phone’s features, camera, performance, etc. We hope readers can gain useful information from this; after that, you can decide wisely.

Key Specs

TCL 30 XL (T701DL) specifications:

Dimensions6.78 x 3.03 x 0.36 inch
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.82-inch
Resolution1640 x 720
CPU2GHz Octa-core, Mediatek Helio A25
Battery5,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera50MP + 5MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera13MP


TCL 30 XL (T701DL)

We love how the TCL 30 XL radiates a nice and modern design related to the current smartphone’s standards. This phone has 6.78 x 3.03 x 0.36 inch dimensions with weights of 204.4g. By this measurement, the TCL 30 XL feels lightweight and has a good grip on most people’s hands.

The phone comes in Night Mist colors, giving us premium and minimalist vibes. You will notice a four rear camera on the back placed vertically, complete with a tiny LED flash beside it. There is also a fingerprint reader in the middle of the phone.

At the front, there is a huge 6.82-inch display screen. The bezels come thinner since the screen-to-body ratio is 90%. This smartphone offers a full display experience.

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TCL 30 XL Display

The bigger the screen, the maximum chance users will be satisfied with the experience. The TCL 30 XL has a gigantic 6.82-inch display screen with 1640 x 720 pixels. The resolutions mean users will get full HD+ display quality.

This phone features NXTVISION to support a better view experience. Users can enjoy a sharp, high-contrast, and colorful display with this feature. It also can enhance visibility and give much comfort to users’ eyes.

The TCL 30 XL display screen ensures users can watch videos, play games, and scroll websites or social media comfortably. The 20.5:9 aspect ratio also gives us unpixelated contents.


TCL 30 XL Camera

The TCL 30 XL camera is not two or three, but four rear cameras! It is a major selling point of all features. The main camera has 50MP and supports AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. This feature definitely will make your photography skills professional.

The next rear camera is a 5MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth camera. A macro camera can produce an up-close picture, and a depth camera can take a picture with a blurred background.

Do you need to take a selfie or video cam with your friends and family? Like most smartphones, the TCL 30 XL provides an excellent 13MP front camera. After all, we’ve been impressed by its camera specifications.


Bigger camera megapixels mean this phone needs a huge size of internal storage. Fortunately, the TCL 30 XL understands the users by putting 64GB of internal storage to store users’ files. Even though the phone doesn’t offer you a full 64GB size, the rest storage is spacious enough for you.

Suppose you are unsatisfied with the memory and need more than the actual size. There are two options you can do. Either you regularly clean the phone’s cache. Or as simple as putting the external storage into the phone. You can add up the internal storage with a MicroSD card. But, keep in mind–you need to buy it separately by yourself to do that.

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TCL 30 XL Side View

The TCL 30 XL performance relies on a 2GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio A25. This chipset is responsible for the phone’s operation. In our honest opinion, the chipset specifications are below our expectations. We understand this phone prefers to be more cost-efficient than offers a powerful system.

The chipset comes together with 6GB RAM. This combo setup contributes a next-level performance and seamless content. The RAM is beyond our standards since the bigger, the better. The 6GB RAM is enough to store users’ temporary data.

With this size of RAM, users are allowed to multitask. When opening the apps simultaneously, we’ve found no crashes and lags. It’s very supportive, especially for accessing huge-consumed apps such as playing 3D games or watching videos.

As its brain, the TCL 30 XL is supported by Android 12. This operating system is the latest one, so it definitely will be a good point for this phone. As for the latest version, we found many improvements here and there.

Android 12 has better security for the users’ privacy. Users have full control over who can see their information and when. A privacy dashboard also contains a clear and comprehensive permission view. Last but not least, this version also improves its user interface to become smoother and more responsive.

There are several sensors available on the TCL 30 XL. Including the accelerometer, proximity, and gyro sensors. Each has different purposes—the accelerometer and gyro record users’ movements with the number of steps. Meanwhile, proximity can prevent the phone screen from accidental touches.

For security sensors, the TCL 30 XL still uses a fingerprint reader. We didn’t find face recognition and NFC features on this phone.


The TCL 30 XL is still an LTE network based. You won’t find the latest 5G technology. Honestly, we prefer to use the LTE since it still grants a wider covered area to access the internet.

This phone offers Wi-Fi connectivity if you prefer not to use the mobile network. You can turn the phone into a mobile hotspot if you want to share your data connection with other devices.

There are two options available to share some files. First, you can share it wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth, you can also connect with external devices. Lastly, you can share files into a computer by wired using a USB Type-C cable.


As a heavy-duty smartphone, no wonder we see a huge 5,000mAh battery capacity. The battery size is quite generous. The TCL 30 XL smartphone pays more attention to users’ satisfaction.

With this battery capacity, the device promises us could be active all day long. Nonetheless, in the end, it all depends on your digital behavior. If you’re using it non-stop, surely the battery will drain very quickly.

The TCL 30 XL’s battery is a non-removable type which means the chance of getting risk or damage is low. For charging, this phone is dependent on the USB Type-C 18W. It is a fast charger.

Is the TCL 30 XL a good phone?

In our honest opinion, the TCL 30 XL left us very impressed. Some features are very remarkable and fill up our expectations. Let’s say the quad-camera, the huge battery capacity, and the huge RAM storage.

But, nothing is perfect. This phone also has a miss in aspects such as the average-looking design, a bare minimum in ROM capacity and the phone’s CPU.

At full price, the customers should spend $169 – which is much more affordable than we expected. With all of those advanced features and affordable prices, we definitely will say “It’s a yes!” for you. You can take this phone into your lists.

TCL 30 XL Pros:

  • Quad-camera
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Huge RAM storage
  • Affordable

TCL 30 XL Cons:

  • Average-looking design
  • Average ROM capacity

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