TCL Flip 2 (T408DL) User Manual

Do you want to get an overview of the new device? How can you understand the device without any assistance? The TCL Flip 2 user manual can be a helper for you.

TCL Flip2 User Manual

A flip phone is still around the corner. It isn’t as simple as it seems. There are so many of you who might not be familiar with flip phones. Because of it, you need an assistant to guide you to explore the TCL Flip 2 thoroughly.

Among other flip phones, this particular device has current specifications with recent technology. Indeed, this phone is specifically made for communications only. But, there is nothing wrong with digging into the hidden features that may be useful.

The TCL Flip 2 (T408DL) user manual comes in the box to help users get everything prepped up. Thankfully, we are here to summarize the technical documents into one article. So, you won’t get confused anymore.

Your Phone

First of all, let’s get familiar with the basic parts of the TCL Flip 2 phone. In this section, you will see the whereabouts. For instance, a quick dial button is located at the front of the phone to call the emergency dials.

It also contains the home screen information and each keypad function. This is important to know since you will use this very often.


The TCL Flip 2 can be used by everyone. This phone also includes people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. It allows you to adjust some configurations to make it more accessible for these people.

There are many accessibility options that you adjust. Includes the Readout, Larger Text, Color Inversion, and Color Corrections. You can also use the Captions, Mono Audio, Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), and Real-Time Text (RTT).


The TCL Flip 2 is equipped with a single rear camera. Even though the camera specifications are not the best in its class. We can still use it for practical needs. The camera itself offers some features.

In this chapter, you can learn how to operate a camera’s features. There is also some explanation about some camera modes. Moreover, you will also find how to access the gallery and make some changes to the pictures.

File Manager

You must think, “what is the use of File Manager in a basic flip phone?”. Since it doesn’t consume a lot of space. However, with this feature, you can manage the TCL Flip 2 phone files. You can save a lot more space with this.

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Security is the most crucial thing for a phone. Even though the TCL Flip 2 is a basic phone that doesn’t contain a lot of data. We must be aware of our data information.

In this Security chapter, we will talk about the security matters from learning how to screen lock and how to SIM card lock. We recommend you pay attention to this chapter since it will be very important.


Dive deeper into the user manual, and you will notice the Setting chapter. This chapter covers a step-by-step to adjust some configurations. There are many settings that you can change. Includes the Network & Connectivity, Personalization, Privacy & Security, Storage, Device, and Account.

Download User Manual

The user manual doesn’t only contain information to introduce some phone’s features. You can also get useful tips and tricks to maintain the phone, just like the TCL Flip 2 user manual with detailed explanations. If you’re down to the full document, we have already provided a downloaded link to get the PDF.

Download: TCL Flip 2 User Manual (PDF)

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