LG Reflect (L555DL) Review: Big Display and Triple-camera at a Low Price

In this LG Reflect (L555DL) review, discover the phone’s triple-camera, large battery, and other features. Find out if the phone is worth buying.

LG Reflect Review

LG Reflect (L555DL) is one of the newest releases of the year 2020 by LG. The phone’s main attractions include a large display. At 6.5-inch, the manufacturer hopes to lurk customers with a penchant for big-sized phones.

Furthermore, we also detected some interesting features like a big battery. At 4,000mAh, we’re curious to find out how’s the performance of this device. The same goes for the 2GHz Mediatek processor.

The triple-camera also looks promising with super-wide angle capability. It looks like what we usually expect on a phone released this year.

In this LG Reflect review, you’ll read our more thorough assessment of the device. We’ll try to dissect each feature and bring a verdict to readers. Hopefully, it can help you when making a decision.

LG Reflect Specs

LG Reflect (L555DL) details specifications:

  • Weight: 204g
  • Dimensions:  167 x 78 x 8.4mm
  • OS: Android 9
  • Screen size: 6.5-inch
  • Resolution: 1560 x 720
  • CPU: 2GHz MediaTek Helio P22
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Battery: 4,000mAh, Non-removable
  • Rear camera: 13MP + 5MP + 2MP
  • Front camera: 13MP

LG Reflect Design

Before discussing its design let’s take a look at LG Reflect’s dimension. The phone measures at 167 x 78 x 8.4mm in size. It weighs at 204g, which is a little bit heavy.

Despite it uses plastic instead of metal, we feel a certain solidity when holding the phone. We suspect it’s because this phone holds more components, like the triple camera.

The design on the front looks typical in our opinion. LG Reflect features a FullVision display but it still has a thick bezel, especially at the bottom. 

There is a notch on the top of the display. A total of four buttons lies on the right and left side of the phone. Overall, the phone projects a casual vibe rather than being an exclusive phone.

However, it’s rather different on the back. Let’s just say we like how LG designed the phone’s back casing. You will see the cameras are horizontally stacked in the middle of the back cover.

Below, lies the fingerprint reader followed by the Tracfone logo. LG Reflect only comes with a black “titan” color which is more glossy than matte. The design of the back casing makes everything look neat and more expensive than it looks.

LG Reflect Display

Owners of LG Reflect will be spoiled by the large 6.5-inch display of this phone. The display also boasts a good quality at HD+. It stands at a resolution of 1560 x 720 with 264ppi pixel density. The aspect ratio of the display is 13:6.

We are very satisfied when it comes to size. A 6.5-inch for some might be too big for some. But when you do plenty of work on the phone, like editing documents, you will be grateful for the spacious display. The big display also means more room for stacking two apps (multitasking).

LG Reflect’s display is perfectly suited for ultimate entertainment. The display stretches to every corner of the phone’s frame making it almost full screen. You will still see bezels, but they are thin enough to notice.

As for the quality of the display, we know that there are better phones out there. They have better resolution than HD+. In this case, we consider LG Reflect’s display as average.

It’s hard to notice any imperfect pixels on LG Reflect. So, for some users, you’ll be satisfied with the display on this phone. However, if you are downgrading, you will notice less sharpness and less detail on LG Reflect’s display.

LG Reflect Camera

The triple-camera system on LG Reflect consists of a main 13MP camera, a 5Mp wide-angle, and a 2MP depth camera. There’s also an LED flash that you can spot alongside the cameras on the back.

The front camera is also at 13MP, which is an impressive resolution on its own. At such a resolution, we think it’s a good decision for LG not to add an LED flash on this phone.

The back camera combo makes it possible for users to release their hidden photography talent. The triple-camera allows you to shoot more creative types of photos such as a 115-degree wide-angle shot, photos with bokeh effect, and automatic sharp focus with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus).

Since this phone has a depth camera, it means you will get a true bokeh effect. Compared to blurred backgrounds created by software, the ones taken with LG Reflect provides you with a stunning depth that doesn’t look fake at all.

We found the quality of the image results to be favorable. The main camera captures objects and manages to catch small beautiful details. The phone’s camera is good enough for daily occasions as well as special moments.

For video, the phone is able to take up to 1080p videos. However, we found nothing in the specs that mentions an image stabilization future. As a result, footage can look shaky in videos where there are a lot of movements.

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LG Reflect Storage

Without adding any SD card yet, buyers will get a 32GB internal storage with LG Reflect. The capacity may seem more than adequate for some phone users. However, we found out that the actual capacity is only 16GB, way lower than we expected (Usually, the available storage is around 21GB).

It means expandable storage will be needed sooner or later. Especially for owners who take advantage of the triple-camera and shoot a lot of photos, you’ll eventually need to spend more money on an SD card. For external storage, LG Reflect allows its users to add up to 2TB of SD card.

LG Reflect Performance

To run its tasks, LG Reflect depends on the 2GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 processor. It’s quite a speedy processor in the entry-level class. The RAM on LG Reflect is sizable too at 3GB. On the software side, the phone runs on Android 9.0 Pie.

Our impression of the processor falls into the favorable side. It is what you need to power a big-sized phone while keeping the price on the down-low. The phone feels slick and quick when you browse its apps.

Launching apps takes only a split second. So does switching between multiple windows at once, thanks to the big RAM capacity. When it comes to basic apps (chatting, calling, social media), we are sure you won’t have any issues navigating the phone.

Because the phone handles light apps really well. You won’t see much of a difference in speed when compared to a more expensive phone. It also applies to light mobile games.

However, there is certainly a limit on what LG Reflect can do. This processor is only capable of processing images up to HD+ quality. Therefore, expect some lag when the app you use demands plenty of graphic processing.

LG indeed chose MediaTek Helio for a reason. It is cheaper than the Snapdragon counterpart. However, it comes with more limitations.

Moving to the software, it’s a bit disappointing that LG Reflect didn’t use the newer Android 10. Instead, it sticks to the older Android 9.0 Pie. We guess this is how LG Reflect cuts corners with their specs.

Although Android 9.0 is not by any means a bad OS, it misses so many improvements Android 10 offers. One of them is better Google Assistant technology. LG Reflect itself is already equipped with a dedicated Google Assistant button. It could have been better if users also get the newer version of the app.

One of our favorite features in this LG Reflect review is the fingerprint reader. The added security is almost a must in smartphones today. And we’re glad LG didn’t cut corners on this one.

Another miscellaneous feature you can find on LG Reflect is the DTS:X 3D Surround Sound. Make sure to turn it on to get better audio with the loudspeaker. In our opinion, this is a perfect feature that makes multimedia experience feel a lot better.

Lastly, on this phone, you can also find compatibility with hearing aid devices (M3/T3 rating). There are also a headphone jack and sensors like proximity sensor and accelerometer.

LG Reflect Connectivity

For connectivity, LG Reflect supports all the latest technology available right now. You will get a phone with 4G LTE, along with other wireless networks from Wi-Fi, GPS, to Bluetooth.

We found no significant issue regarding basic communication activities like calling, texting, and browsing the internet. As long as you got the perfect connection, the phone will do its jobs well, such as the new unlimited plans from Tracfone.

The phone also uses the newer USB Type-C as its connector. Enjoy less hassle when charging the phone with LG Reflect. The USB Type-C also means faster data transfer when you plug the phone into a computer.

LG Reflect Battery

LG Reflect promises a powerful battery with 4,000mAh capacity. LG claims this phone can answer your communication needs all day, with talk time at 18 hours maximum. This performance, of course, will depend on each individual’s usage.

If you use the phone casually, stretching out usage until the end of the day is highly possible. The standby time on a full battery itself is 20.6 days. It’s quite an impressive number for a smartphone with a big display.

The downside though, is that the phone doesn’t come with any additional features like Rapid Charging. As for the battery type, it is a non-removable Li-Ion battery.

Is the LG Reflect a good phone?

LG Reflect is a perfect casual phone fit for either beginners or intermediate smartphone users. The main attractive points of this phone are its big screen, the triple-camera setup, and the large battery capacity.

At under $150, this phone is reasonably priced. It is affordable and the features that come with it are also worth its price. Not to mention that you will also get a big 3GB RAM and a fingerprint reader.

That’s our overall conclusion for LG Reflect review. There might be other options in the market. But this phone is among a few you can get at a cheap price, that also provides a triple-camera setup.

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LG Reflect Pros

  • Large display
  • Triple-camera
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Great battery life

LG Reflect Cons

  • Average processor
  • Still uses older Android

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