Nokia C200 (N151DL) User Manual

Take this Nokia C200 user manual as assistance for you to discover all of the interesting parts and specifications of the device.

Nokia C200 User Manual

What do you usually do when having a new smartphone? Do you just immediately open the box and use it? Wait a minute! You forget something. Yup, reading the user manual is a very important step before exploring your phone.

Nokia C200 is developed by the well-known Nokia brand. As famous for its uniqueness, the Nokia C200 has many features worth digging into. That’s why you need assistance to avoid any misinformation.

In this sneak peek of the Nokia C200 (N151DL) user manual, you will have a better picture of the full document. It will minimize the important notes, so you won’t get confused. We also provided the download link at the end of the article to have the full user manual.

Get Started

The first chapter of the user manual will provide all the technical information. This chapter will be useful for getting familiar with the device. The first topic concerns the Nokia C200 phone layouts, complete with the names.

Moreover, there are elaborate tutorials about using the memory/sim card, charging the battery, and transferring the data from the previous phone. This chapter also tells you how to set the security features to secure your phone.

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Are you not satisfied with the phone’s original appearance? Don’t worry. You can always modify the looks as you wish. Let’s read this chapter to understand how to do that.

In this chapter, you will learn how to change the wallpaper and the sounds. Find out some pro tips about keeping your battery life longer. It will also give you the steps to turn on the accessibility features.

The most fundamental reason for having a smartphone is to stay connected with your closest ones. In the next chapter, we will see all the methods you can use to connect with your friends and family.

Read these guidelines about making, answering, and rejecting a call here. Keep your contact lists more organized. Also, learn how to use the Mail feature to send emails to your colleagues.


The Nokia C200 comes with a great quality camera. Then, it’s better to know the camera capabilities, so you won’t waste every function of this feature. Thankfully, you’re at the right chapter now.

Do you want to take a picture using a rear camera? Or, having a beautiful selfie with the front camera? Learn everything in this chapter! You can also take some notes before using your phone for video recording.

Internet and Connections

Nowadays, the internet is important. It’s a fact. And, like it or not, we can’t refuse this. That’s why you should look at this chapter to learn about the internet and other connections.

This chapter specifically talks about the Wi-Fi connection. Learning to browse the web can be found in the next part. Moreover, you can also start to learn to use Bluetooth and VPN.

Organize Your Day

Nokia C200 is equipped with some important tools to make your activity easier. This chapter will teach you how to use the alarm by turning it on and off. You can also start to use the calendar and make an event or delete the appointments.

Download User Manual

You reach the end of the sneak peek of the Nokia C200 user manual. However, we’re not putting out all of the information yet.

Are you convinced about the article? Are you interested to know more about the detailed information? Your curiosity will end. We have already provided a download link for you. You can just simply click here.

Download: Nokia C200 User Manual (PDF)

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