Samsung Galaxy A11 (S115DL) User Manual

Get to know more about your phone by reading this Samsung Galaxy A11 (S115DL) user manual. Get a summary for contents inside with a download link for the pdf.

Samsung Galaxy A11 User Manual

So many people skip one important part when they just get a new phone. And that part is reading a user manual. Although it may seem like it’s not a priority, reading a manual can be worth your time.

In this Samsung Galaxy A11 (S115DL) user manual, you will read about best practices when using your phone. It starts with understanding the component, followed by tutorials in getting started.

Further, there are also explanations about more apps and features inside the phone. The manual covers the information you should know as a user. It offers several benefits at once.

Aside from guiding and showing what your phone has to offer, a manual also helps in avoiding errors. Especially the one caused by lack of knowledge using a certain feature. In that case, there’s no reason to skip this useful document.

Galaxy A11 User Manual

Getting Started

In the beginning, readers can take a look around the phone’s layout. This is an important part. Because it makes you understand what and where to press to access certain functions. Further, you will know each connector and ports available on the phone.

Setting Up the Device

This section discusses the steps you must take before turning the phone on. You’ll know what type of SIM card you can use. Included in this section is the tutorial on how to insert it. You will see an illustration of SIM card installation and battery charging.

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When you start up the phone for the first time, the phone will guide you through the Setup Wizard. You can also use the manual as an additional guide. Furthermore, it also provides information that’s not available in the Setup Wizard.

One of them is a tutorial on how to transfer data from an old device. Samsung has a feature called Smart Switch. It helps you transfer data like from contacts to multimedia files. This feature can be useful especially for users that are migrating from another Samsung phone.

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Security Features

Once your phone is up and running, it’s time to set up a lock/unlock method. This section is where you learn to set up a PIN or password to secure your phone.

But the highlight is the face recognition feature. For some people, Samsung Galaxy A11 may be their first phone which has such a feature. If you’re confused about it, this section will help you enable the Biometric security or Face Unlock.

In addition to face recognition, you can also set the fingerprint scanner on this phone. Just like with other lock/unlock methods, the manual explains everything in a very detailed manner. Apart from setting the fingerprint up, you’ll also read fingerprints data management here.

Basic Navigation

Getting around the phone’s interface can take a while to get used to. Learn about icons, buttons, and the status bar. Apart from understanding the navigation buttons and the navigation bar, there are plenty others to learn here. For example, the multi-window feature and Google Voice Typing.

Customize the Home screen

This setting is considered a miscellaneous one. However, let’s admit it’s probably the most fun part. Tweaking your phone’s appearance is important to make the phone more like yours. In this section, you can read about applying a theme, choosing a wallpaper, and creating app folders.

Camera and Gallery

Understanding menus on the Camera and Gallery app is a secret for better pictures. That’s what this section is for. Discover various shooting modes available on this phone. You can experiment with features like Pro, Live Focus, and Macro.


This part of Samsung Galaxy A11 user manual covers native and pre-installed apps on the device. There are plenty of them since Samsung also includes apps from Microsoft and also carrier apps. In this section, you will learn each of these apps and how to operate it.


This section is where things get a bit more technical. You will read about every setting that hasn’t been explained in the previous sections. Among them are connection settings, sound settings, accounts, and accessibility. There are also tutorials for advanced procedures such as backup and reset.

Download User Manual

These sections show you how much you can gain from Samsung Galaxy A11 (S115DL) user manual. Even if you’re willing to set aside only a few minutes reading it. To make it easier for you, here we provide a copy of the manual in a pdf file. Make sure to click on the link available.

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Download: Samsung Galaxy A11 User Manual (PDF)

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