How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Tracfone Samsung S766C

Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust Factory Reset Guide – Have you ever wonder why performing hard reset or factory reset is important for your device? For example, you owned a Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust and you wonder whether you need to perform hard reset or not.

Now, here is the deal. There are reasons why hard reset needs to be performed and it is not something that you should play around. A hard reset or factory reset will be useful on several cases such as:

  • When you want to sell your device and want to have the entire personal data that was stored in its internal memory is wipe out so no one else can read it.
  • When there is problem with your device such as compatibility issue, battery draining issue or any other performance problem that you can’t solve no matter what you do with it.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Tracfone Samsung S766C

Those are the most common reason why you may want to perform hard reset. Remember that hard reset will bring the phone back to its original state, so basically every data including third party app, personal data, files, picture, video and any other thing that you add after you bought it will be gone and of course it will leave your phone smoother and perform better. Only when you understand the risk, then you can do this action.

Performing hard reset on Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust can be done from the Settings application or from Recovery mode.

Soft Factory Reset Samsung S766C

  1. Go to your phone Settings
  2. Find the “Backup & Reset” option among the available menu and tap on it
  3. You will find more option, and you need to find “Factory Data Reset” and then tap on it
  4. At the bottom, you will see the option of “Reset Device”, tap on this option as well
  5. One more thing, tap on the “Erase Everything” option and now the factory reset will begin
  6. Once the factory reset process is complete, the device will turn back on automatically

Hard Factory Reset Samsung S766C

  1. Turn OFF the device completely
  2. In the same time, press and hold Power button, Home button and Volume Up button for several seconds
  3. Release Power button only when Samsung logo appear on the screen
  4. Release the rest button when Android logo appear, the recovery menu will appear
  5. Choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option using Volume button and Power button to select it
  6. Choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation
  7. Select “Reboot System Now” when it has complete

Now you already do hard reset on your phone. But always remember to backup your data first before perform it, or you will regret it later.

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