LG 441G Flip Phone User Manual (TracFone)

Tracfone LG 441G flip phone comes with its user manual to help user on getting to know the everything about the phone, its features and everything else about the phone and Tracfone service that it use.

LG 441G Flip Phone User Manual

Tracfone offer two types of device that use its service, the non-Android phone and Android powered smartphone. LG 441G flip phone is one of the non-Android phones that support Tracfone service.

This is a simple phone that has simple and basic features that work great for those who don’t want to use the complicated Android phone and still want to use the low cost Tracfone service.

Just like any other phone that comes from Tracfone, this particular phone also comes with the user manual.

The user manual will show user everything they need to know about the phone. That includes the basic information about this phone such as its size, weight, battery type as well as talk time and standby time.

It also provide user with the information about the features that is available on the phone such as camera, Bluetooth, email, MP3 player, multimedia messaging, voice dialing and web.

This kind of information will be able to give the user the bigger picture of the device.

LG 441G Flip Phone User Manual

User manual is more than just a page that listed every single technical description and feature that this phone have, but it is more than that.

It also will help user to understand each and every aspect of the phone as well. This kind of information is available in the tutorial area, where people can find a tutorial on how to use each and every feature of this phone.

There is the getting started tutorial, tutorial about Bluetooth, messaging, camera, calendar, memory, setting, browser and content download and also other tutorial.

Every LG 441G flip phone tutorial will explain in detail about each aspect, for example, the setting tutorial will show user how to change ring tone, adjust backlight display, change wallpaper, and also setting password to protect the phone.

The same thing goes for every tutorial, so there will be no aspect of the phone that was not discussed in it.

Download: LG 441G Flip Phone User Manual (927 KB)


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  1. I used to be able to send short video files (about 10 seconds each) to my e-mail. It hasn’t been allowing that lately, and gives no message or any indication as to why. I’ve emptied my photo and video files, as I thought that might be the problem, but so far, no dice. What can I do about this?

  2. I am just trying to call out on this phone. Airplane mode is off but I try to call my own house phone but is all I get is a busy signal, same thing on any other phone number I try to call.

    I do not remember or something is wrong with the phone. Most likely me not using the phone enough. Thanks

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