LG Classic Flip: Initial Setup

Here’s what you need to do to prepare your LG Classic Flip for first use. Learn how to activate the phone, check balance, and take a screenshot.

LG Classic Flip Initial Setup

After purchasing your LG Classic Flip, now it’s time for the initial setup. Every new phone needs to get through this process. And that includes this phone.

It starts with charging the phone, then turning it on. Afterward, you will need to set a language, connect to a network, and some other settings.

Feel overwhelmed already? Don’t worry we’ll guide you here. We’ll help prepare the phone so it’s readily usable. From getting the phone out of the box, to finally be able to make calls and other actions.

In short, know some initial setup process needed to get started with LG Classic Flip. We also cover some basic features as well, such as taking a screenshot and adjusting the display setting.

How to turn ON / OFF the LG Classic Flip

LG Classic Flip will be in an off condition when you take it out of its box. It doesn’t even have the battery installed. So you will need to insert the battery and charge the phone beforehand.

Afterward, do the following to turn ON / OFF the LG Classic Flip:

Press the Power key and hold it until the screen lights up. You can find this key on the right side of the Navigation key.

For turning the phone off, the process is similar. Press the same Power key you use to turn the phone on. And remember to press and hold for several seconds.

How to set up / activate the LG Classic Flip

After the phone is turned on, a setup wizard will welcome new users. This is where you set up / activate the LG Classic Flip for the first time. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Choosing the language. Use the Up and Down navigation button to highlight a language. The press the Center key to confirm your selection.
  2. Agreeing to End-User License Agreement and the LG Privacy Policy. Press the key below the option “Agree.”
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. The next prompt will ask you to connect into an available network. You may need to enter a password for the Wi-Fi. Here, you can choose “Skip” if you want to connect to a Wi-Fi later.
  4. Choosing the accessibility option. Selects the option you want to enable. Press the Center key to confirm. Otherwise, here you can also press the key under the “Skip” option.

How to check balance on LG Classic Flip

The easiest way to check your Tracfone balance on LG Classic Flip is by sending a text message. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the Message app. Using the Navigation key, select the Message app icon then tap the Center key. 
  2. Type 611611 in the Recipients field. Then move to the Message field.
  3. Type BALANCE as the message. Then hit the key under the “Send” option.
  4. Wait for a response. After a while, you will get a message informing how much  Voice (Minutes), Text, and Data balance you have left.

How to take a screenshot on LG Classic Flip

Just like on a smartphone, you can take a screenshot with LG Classic Flip. How to do it is also pretty straightforward. Do the following to capture a screenshot:

  1. Press and hold the Volume down key and the Power key. You need to press these two buttons at the same time for around 2 seconds. The phone will capture what’s currently displayed on the screen.
  2. View the screenshot. Go to the Gallery app. You can do this by pressing the 3 key from the Home screen.

How to adjust display settings on LG Classic Flip

On this phone, you can set the brightness and backlight timeout of the screen. Here’s how to adjust display settings on LG Classic Flip:

  1. Open the Settings app. Find the Settings icon using the Navigation key. Once highlighted, press the Center key to open.
  2. Select “Display”. Scroll through the option to select “Display.” You can also press the 4 key.
  3. Go to “Brightness.” Adjust the brightness using the Left and Right navigation key. Afterward, press the Center key to finish the configuration. You will get back to the previous options screen.
  4. Set “Display backlight.” This time, select this option using the Center key.
  5. Adjust backlight timeout. Pick your desired timeout (10, 15, 30 seconds, or always lit). Press the Center key to confirm.
  6. Go back to the main screen. You can close the Settings by pressing the Power key.

At this point, we’ve covered the essentials of LG Classic Flip initial setup. Now you know how to turn on/off the phone, perform initial activation, check balance, and take a screenshot.

We also covered the basic display configuration here. Now, enjoy your phone, and if you need more advanced settings, there’s no better way than to consult the LG Classic Flip User Manual.

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