LG Journey vs Moto E6: Which should you buy?

At first, these phones may look the same. But read this specs comparison between LG Journey (L322DL) and Moto E6 (XT2005DL) to find out how they are actually different.

LG Journey vs Moto E6 Comparison

Among phones released in 2019, LG Journey and Moto E6 are some of the worthy options. These are affordable phones. However, they also come with several features no less interesting than more expensive gadgets.

LG Journey offers a 5.45-inch display experience, along with Android 9.0 Pie and an 8MP camera. The phone has a decent 3,000mAh battery.

On the other hand, Moto E6 features a slightly bigger display at 5.5-inch. However, it has a better camera at 13MP. Battery capacity is also similar to the LG Journey at 3,000mAh.

What about other specs? In this specs comparison between LG Journey (L322DL) and Moto E6 (XT2005DL), we’ll find out more about that. Hopefully, it makes you even sure which phone to buy in the end.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Main Differences

LG Journey and Moto E6 have a lot of similarities with each other, but there are several differences worth noting. First, it’s their camera. To be specific, their rear-cameras’ resolution.

Moto E6 is armed with a 13MP rear shooter. Unfortunately, LG Journey users will have to be enough with an 8MP rear camera. You can see that Moto E6 could be the better option here.

Next, it’s on the type of CPU each phone uses. LG Journey has a Quad-core CPU while Moto E6 has an Octa-core one.

Another difference lies in the external storage capacity. While both phones offer 16GB of built-in memory, they go their own separate way when it comes to SD cards. LG Journey only allows 32GB of SD card, while the maximum capacity on Moto E6 is 256GB.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Specs Comparison

Specs comparison between LG Journey LTE (L322DL) and Moto E6 (XT2005DL):

LG JourneyMoto E6
Dimensions146 x 71.3 x 8.1mm150 x 72 x 8.6mm
OSAndroid 9Android 9
Screen size5.45-inch5.5-inch
Resolution1440 x 7201440 x 720
CPU1.4GHz Quad-core1.4GHz Octa-core
Rear camera8MP13MP
Front camera5MP5MP

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Design

These two devices are actually almost identical in size. The exact dimension of LG Journey is 146 x 71.3 x 8.1mm. On the other hand, Moto E6 measures 150 x 72 x 8.6mm. LG Journey and Moto E6 weigh at 147g and 159g, respectively.

From the size, Moto E6 is slightly bigger and thicker. It’s not surprising because Moto E6’s display is half an inch larger than the competitor. What’s curious is the fact that it’s heavier, despite using the same type of polycarbonate material for the casing. For most people though, 10g of difference is almost nothing.

Based on the phone aesthetic, it’s hard to determine which one is better. We like LG Journey’s look because it’s slimmer and has a very thin edge. Moto E6’s design is more curved at the edges, making the phone easier to hold. In the end, it would be up to a buyer’s preference.

There’s one thing that makes Moto E6 design better. This phone is coated with water-repellent material to shield it from light rains and splashes. The extra security could be your important deciding factor. Especially if you lead a more outdoor lifestyle, where you need a phone that can withstand harsh environments.

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LG Journey vs Moto E6: Display

On display, LG Journey and Moto E6 both feature an HD+ screen with a resolution of 1440 x 720. Their size is different from LG Journey offering a 5.45-inch screen, while Moto E6 has a 5.5-inch screen.

Both phones use the same type of LCD screen. Contrary to what we found usually on Motorola phones, Moto E6 here doesn’t come with a Gorilla Glass protection. Perhaps because this phone is so cheap.

As a result, the specs comparison between LG Journey and Moto E6 is very minimal here. Buyers will get the same quality looking no matter which device they pick. The minor difference in size won’t be noticeable to the naked eyes.

For the quality itself, we’re quite satisfied with each phone. The HD+ screen displays favorable graphics with vibrant colors and no apparent flaws. It is not a high-end quality, but decent for a budget phone like them.

The choice of size at around 5.5-inch is also an excellent middle ground. It’s not too small to accommodate more complicated tasks. At the same time, it is not too big that the manufacturers had to raise the price.

So, all in all, it doesn’t matter which phone you choose, considering the display alone. You may move on to other categories to find more significant differences between these two phones.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Camera

LG Journey comes with an 8MP camera on the back, an LED flash, and a 5MP front-facing camera. Moto E6 is offering a 13MP rear camera with an LED flash, and a 5MP front camera.

The camera specs are where there’s a significant difference between the two phones. In fact, you can decide which phone to buy based on this factor alone. In everything else, LG Journey and Moto E6 tie in the competition. Here, Moto E6 is the winner.

The 13MP rear-shooter Moto E6 clearly delivers better results comparing the pixels alone. Image results from this phone give more details. They also look sharper than pictures taken with LG Journey’s camera.

Each phone has its own way to capture objects in motion. LG Journey introduced a feature called quick shutter speed. On the other hand, Moto E6 relies on PDAF technology to minimize motion blur. We think it works better on the latter.

There’s not much to compare when it comes to the front-facing camera. Both at 5MP, each offers different minor perks such as portrait mode on LG Journey and screen flash on Moto E6. But essentially, both cameras are on par with each other.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Storage

To store data, users of both LG Journey and Moto E6 will have to be satisfied with the 16GB memory. It’s a below-average capacity for today’s phone, but still somewhat understandable for budget phones.

Both devices also offer external storage options, since 16GB would certainly be easy to run out. Here, you will spot a difference. LG Journey only allows 32GB SD cards at max. Meanwhile, its competitor can accept SD cards up to 256GB. The difference is stark.

If you are the type of person who stores a lot of data on your phone, it’s safe to go with Moto E6. LG Journey’s limitation on external storage will become frustrating later on.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Performance

LG Journey runs on a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor with 2GB of RAM. On the other hand, Moto E6 runs on a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor with the same RAM size. Both phones installed Android 9.0 Pie as their operating system.

You might notice the slight distinction over the CPU type. It is Snapdragon 425 vs Snapdragon 435. Although both CPUs share the same speed, they each work differently. LG Journey has a Quad-core processor while it’s an Octa-core processor on Moto E6.

In short, Moto E6 works more efficiently when processing tasks. The CPU simply executes more tasks compared to LG Journey’s CPU at the same amount of time. As a result, you can enjoy a faster and snappier performance with Moto E6. When it comes to performance, the CPU alone makes Moto E6 an irresistible option.

The win is also supported by the fact both phones run on the same Android 9.0 Pie. However, they are not exactly identical to the interface. LG likes to give a custom touch on their phones by tweaking the Android. Meanwhile, Motorola likes to leave Android intact when they install it on their phones.

As a result, it puts Moto E6 at another advantage. Not only it has a more reliable CPU, but Moto E6’s software also further not limiting the performance since it’s a vanilla version. There’s no bloatware or custom UI that could result in lags.

LG Journey does have its own attractiveness, though. For example, the availability of innovative apps and features on the phone. LG custom apps can be fun and useful sometimes.

Unfortunately, each phone doesn’t come up with more interesting features at this point. We found standard sensors only on each phone, like the accelerometer and proximity. There isn’t a fingerprint reader in any of them.

For people in need, the phones cater to them by providing compatibility for hearing aid devices. You may also take advantage of the Google Assistant, in which LG Journey is better here by providing a dedicated button for it. On Moto E6, the equivalent feature is simply called Moto (Moto Actions, Moto Display, etc).

Our recommendation falls into Moto E6. In general, it offers better performance specs compared to LG Journey. The latter may have its own charm. But as far as practicality goes, we favored Moto E6 more here. Additionally, you can read our recommendation on the 10 best Tracfone Flip Phones.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Connectivity

Regarding networks, each phone we review here supports the following: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. LG Journey and Moto E6 both don’t provide NFC, something that’s not surprising looking at the type of the phone (affordable).

As you can see, all the basics are all covered. And we also didn’t spot any significant difference between them here. Even they use the same type of USB (Micro-USB). It’s a bit disappointing for Moto E6 since Motorola usually uses USB Type-C on their phones, even the budget ones.

Additionally, you will also find a headphone jack and FM Radio support on either LG Journey or Moto E6.

LG Journey vs Moto E6: Battery

LG Journey and Moto E6 depend on a 3,000mAh battery to power their system. They both have a similar capacity, but the battery type is different. LG Journey’s battery is non-removable, while Moto E6 uses a non-removable battery.

There’s also a slight difference in their durability. Standby time is around 13 days on both phones. However, somehow Moto E6 is better for calling since it has a longer talk time (24.3 hours). LG Journey falls behind with only 14 hours of talk time.

It’s important to note that those numbers are arbitrary. Durability will depend on individuals’ usage. In general, with a 3,000mAh battery, both phones can stretch into the evening easily in normal use.

Which is better: LG Journey or Moto E6?

To answer the question about which phone is better, we have to look at the last important factor: the price. LG Journey and Moto E6 are sold at $39.99 by Tracfone.

As you can see here, the price is also exactly the same. It means decision making would rely back on the specs comparison between LG Journey and Moto E6. Since Moto E6 has a better camera, that alone makes the phone a better option. Another consideration lies in the CPU type where Moto E6 is more efficient.

Other key features that make Moto E6 a more value-for-money option is the expandable storage. It’s better to have the flexibility to add a 256GB of SD card than limited to a 32GB one like in LG Journey. Lastly, Moto E6 is also water-repellent, something LG Journey isn’t.

Whichever phone you end up choosing, make sure to also equip it with the right mobile plan. For Tracfone users, here’s some New Unlimited Plans that’s perfect for your device.

LG Journey Pros

  • LG custom apps
  • Portrait mode
  • Google Assistant button

Moto E6 Pros

  • More efficient CPU
  • Water-repellent design
  • Better camera
  • More expandable storage
  • More talk time
  • Simpler Android interface

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