LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Which should you buy?

This specs comparison between LG Journey LTE and LG Rebel 4 will help you decide which one among these affordable phones is the perfect one for you.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4

LG Journey LTE and LG Rebel 4 are both released in 2019. These are two affordable phones by LG with a price tag under $50. They are available and sold by carriers like Tracfone.

Both phones aim to entry-level customers. Especially those who want a smartphone with 4G LTE support, but are not willing to spend a lot of money.

LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 feature a sizable 5-inch screen, decent battery capacity, and camera with LED flash. Nothing is particularly elaborate with the specs list.

However, we expect the phones are perfect as an everyday phone. If you are confused about which one to choose, read this specs comparison between LG Journey and LG Rebel 4. We’ll see which is the perfect one for you.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Main Differences

LG Journey is clearly the bigger one here in terms of size. The screen on LG Journey is 5.45-inch in size. Meanwhile, LG Rebel 4 has a 5-inch screen. This is possibly the most noticeable difference between both phones.

Then the next difference is only apparent when you turn each phone on. It’s about the software they use. LG Journey runs on Android 9.0 Pie. However, LG Rebel 4 is a bit outdated here using Android 8.1 Oreo.

For the last key difference, both phones don’t have the same capacity for their batteries. LG Journey has a bigger 3,000mAh battery. LG Rebel 4 isn’t falling far behind with its 2,500mAh battery.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Specs Comparison

Specs comparison between LG Journey LTE (L322DL) and LG Rebel 4 (L212VL):

LG Journey LTELG Rebel 4
Dimensions146 x 71.3 x 8.1mm144.8 x 71.9 x 7.9mm
OSAndroid 9Android 8.1
Screen size5.45-inch5-inch
Resolution1440 x 7201280 x 720
CPU1.4GHz Quad-core1.4GHz Quad-core
Rear camera8MP8MP
Front camera5MP5MP

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LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Design

LG Journey LTE Pictures
LG Journey

LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 are actually quite distinguishable from looks alone. With 146 x 71.3 x 8.1mm dimension, LG Journey is the bigger one here. LG Rebel 4’s exact dimension is 144.8 x 71.9 x 7.9mm.

LG Journey has a smaller bezel. As a result, it has more screen to body ratio. The phone’s design also looks more beautiful than LG Rebel 4 design. Despite both phones using the same material, the LG Journey feels more expensive.

The back cover of the LG Journey comes in glossy black color, further making the phone look premium. LG Rebel 4 comes in a grayish semi-matte color that’s, to be honest, far from flattering. On top of that, there is more clutter on LG Rebel 4 while LG Journey is more minimal-looking.

LG Rebel 4 Pictures
LG Rebel 4

However, LG Rebel 4 is the one that feels more comfortable to hold. It’s smaller in size, therefore fits on hand properly. The back casing is also adorned with a textured surface as an anti-slip.

On LG Rebel 4, you will also notice a button that looks like a fingerprint reader. But it’s actually the Power button. The placement of it is a bit unusual. For some users, you might take some time to get used to it.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Display

LG Journey LTE Display
LG Journey

Between the two phones, LG Journey features is the one who has a bigger display. At 5.45-inch, the display on this phone is significantly bigger than LG Rebel 4. This device only comes with a 5-inch display.

Their displays also differ in quality. LG Journey offers a sharper output with its HD+ display quality. At 1440 x 720 resolution, it feels like an upgrade from LG Rebel 4’s 1280 x 720. LG Journey also adopts the FullVision display, where bezels are reduced for an edge-to-edge viewing experience.

Unfortunately, LG Rebel 4 doesn’t provide the same experience. The HD screen on this phone is inferior compared to LG Journey, but the difference is subtle to the naked eye. And you will still deal with thick bezels that can be distracting. The size at 5-inch also feels limited.

LG Rebel 4 Side View
LG Rebel 4

LG Journey offers more space as you browse through the phone. It’s also more convenient for entertainment activities, from watching movies, reading ebooks, to playing games.

In general, LG Journey wins in terms of display. You will get your money worth it by spending it on this phone. However, we imagine some people would prefer a smaller screen for comfort. In that case, don’t hesitate to consider LG Rebel 4.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Camera

LG Journey LTE Back View
LG Journey

LG practically installed the same camera setup on these phones. Both LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 features an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The LED flash is available on the back camera only.

Not only that they share an identical camera setup, you will also see that they have the same camera features. One of the key highlights is the rapid shutter speed. This is a feature that allows you to capture objects in motion more accurately.

Aside from that, users can also enjoy fun features such as gesture shot and Live focus. Gesture shot is the camera’s ability to recognize hand gestures for taking selfies. Live focus is to get blurred results on the picture background.

LG Rebel 4 Back View
LG Rebel 4

We noticed the cameras on both phones deliver similar quality on the results. Both LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 capture sharp and clear images as long as you make sure the lighting is optimal. Other than that, you can expect to see imperfections whether it is a blur, noise, or underexposed images.

For the cameras, there’s practically no need to have a thorough specs comparison between LG Journey and LG Rebel 4. That’s our conclusion for this category.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Storage

LG Journey LTE Storage
LG Journey LTE Storage

Both LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 only provide 16GB for internal storage. Yes, this may not look much, especially for today’s phone. We can imagine it fills up quickly if a user takes photos and downloads files a lot. Out of that 16GB, 8GB is the actual capacity. It’s what’s available for users while the rest is for the system files.

The expandable storage option can make up the lack of internal storage space, although it’s not that much at 32GB. For external storage, both phones also coincidentally provide the same capacity. In this category, the specs of LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 are just similar in everything.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Performance

LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 runs on the same model of the processor: a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 which has 1.4GHz processing speed. The phones also share a similar capacity for their RAM at 2GB.

Any difference lies in the software of their choice. While LG Journey already uses the Android 9.0 Pie, LG Rebel 4 stays with the previous year’s Android Oreo. Being with the newer Android, LG Journey is the one winning here.

Especially since there’s nothing to compare in terms of hardware. The 1.4GHz is an entry-level processor. It is not the lowest on the market but still on the low-end side of processors for smartphones.

This CPU is mostly perfect for lightweight tasks. As long as you don’t try to do something that requires a big RAM and faster processor, you can avoid having a slow phone. It applies to both LG Journey and LG Rebel 4.

Apps launch fairly quickly but we feel LG Journey is more comfortable to use. Especially when opening apps that are connected to the internet. Part of it probably because the bigger screen provides more flexibility. For example, when you try to use the multi-window feature.

The biggest contributing factor is the Android system on the LG Journey. Since it is newer, users can enjoy many improvements previously unavailable on Android Oreo. One of them is more efficient processing, a better-looking user interface, and better RAM management.

Android 9.0 Pie also has Google Assistant. Therefore it will be helpful if you want to use the phone hands-free. Lastly, Android Pie is also more energy-efficient.

Despite using a different kind of Android, LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 still share many similarities coming from the same brand. Users will find LG apps on both phones such as QuickMemo. However, sadly you won’t find security LG features such as KnockOn and KnockCode on LG Rebel 4.

For sensors, LG Journey and LG Rebel are equipped with proximity, light sensors, and accelerometer. You won’t find any fingerprint feature here, not surprising since it’s below the phones’ price range. You won’t also find any Face recognition feature.

Lastly, both phones are compatible with hearing aid devices with M3/T3 rating. Accessibility is better with LG Journey because of the aforementioned Google Assistant. But for basic accessibility features, LG Rebel 4 is also well-equipped with features like TTY, Talkback, and text-to-speech.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Connectivity

Just like with the camera specs, LG Journey and LG Rebel 4 also provide identical features here. Including 4G LTE support, Wi-Fi, and the same type of USB port. The two phones are also providing GPS and Bluetooth support.

Despite being affordable, both phones aren’t cutting corners when it comes to network quality. You will have a reliable device. Call output is crystal clear.

You can text and communicate with family and friends easily. Just make sure you have enough airtime balance if you’re using Tracfone. Here’s how to check it.

However, there are still features you can’t find here, such as NFC. Neither LG Journey nor LG Rebel 4 has it. It is not surprising though, since it’s more of a luxury than a necessity. As far as the goes, the phone offers features no less than any more expensive phone out there.

LG Journey vs LG Rebel 4: Battery

Between the two phones, LG Journey has a bigger battery at 3,00mAh. Meanwhile, LG Rebel 4 has only a 2,500mAh battery. It looks like LG Journey is the better one here.

However, you need to take other things into account. LG Journey needs a bigger battery to power its larger screen. Therefore, in this case, both phones could have similar battery life.

When examining standby time and talk time, both phones show no big discrepancy with each other. While LG Journey has 13 days of standby time, LG Rebel 4 can reach 12 days. LG Rebel 4 has more talk time at 16 hours, versus 14 hours on LG Journey. To conclude, both phones are pretty much similar here.

Which is better: LG Journey or LG Rebel 4?

Considering everything else is similar, you can tell that bigger display and Android 9.0 Pie as the key deciding point. LG Rebel 4 offers everything else LG Journey offers, except in those two categories.

After analyzing all the technical specs comparison between LG Journey and LG Rebel 4, now let’s talk about the price. You can buy LG Journey at $39.99 (Tracfone price). On the other hand, LG Rebel 4 is priced at $29.99.

As you can see, it means you are going to pay an extra $10 for a bigger display and a new version of Android. We can say that the 5.45-inch LG Journey’s display alone is worth the extra bucks. Having a bigger display equals more comfort and better phone experience on so many levels.

After all, you can always save money on your mobile plan instead. Read our guide on how to get the most of your mobile carrier.

LG Journey Pros

  • Bigger screen
  • Android 9.0
  • More standby time

LG Rebel 4 Pros

  • Compact design
  • More talk time
  • Cheaper price

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