LG Rebel 4: Email and Messaging Issues

For email and messaging issues on LG Rebel 4, this tutorial is what you’re looking for. Learn what to do to resolve email / texts issue by yourself.

LG Rebel 4 Messaging Issue

Many people use their phones to send emails and text messages. It’s one of the most frequent activities people do with their phones. That’s why having a functional problem-free device is important. Especially if your personal or work life heavily depends upon texting and emailing regularly.

If your LG Rebel 4 shows a sign of trouble when it comes to texting and emailing, here’s what you can do. In this article, we cover LG Rebel 4 troubleshooting for MMS, texts, and email issues.

The simple troubleshoot doesn’t take a lot of time to perform. In a short time, your phone will go back to working normally again.

How do I fix my LG Rebel 4 that can’t send / receive MMS?

The following list explains how to fix LG Rebel 4 that can’t send and receive MMS:

1. Check your service plan

The first thing you need to do is making sure you have an active plan. If your carrier separates call and text/MMS plan, make sure you are equipped with enough balance for sending an MMS. You might need to buy a plan separately. Contact your carrier for more details.

2. Restart your device

Another “first aid” method is by rebooting your phone. Restarting clears temporary bugs and makes issues go away without much fuss. This method is always recommended.

3. Make sure there’s no problem with the SIM card

Check the physical condition of your SIM card. If it’s damaged, you might need to replace it with a new one. Broken SIM card causes issues, even worse, it could make your number completely unusable either for calls, text, or MMS.

4. Unregister from iMessage

If you’re migrating from iPhone, you need to delete your account first on iMessage. Having an iMessage account that still active prevents you from sending an MMS from another phone.

5. Clear the Messaging app’s cache

To do this, open the Settings app and find the “Apps” submenu from the list. Afterward, find “Messaging” among the list of apps. Tap it to open the detail page, then select the “Clear cache” button.

6. Try again at a different location or at a different time

For MMS issues caused by poor signals, try to move to a different place. Make sure the location has better coverage. If you suspect the network is busy, try during less busy hours.

7. Configure the APN properly

APN or Access Point Name acts as the gate between the network and your phone. You need to configure your device’s APN accordingly. Each carrier has its own configuration steps. Consult with the customer service of your carrier for more specific information.

8. Uninstalling the recently downloaded app

You can do this step especially if you notice the MMS issue started to occur after you installed a new app. The new app could be carrying a bug that prevents you from sending / receiving MMS.

9. Wipe cache partition

This is a slightly more advanced troubleshooting method. You can perform wipe cache partition to erase bugs originated from the previous version of Android. This could help eradicate MMS issues on your phone.

10. Factory reset

If anything else fails, you can consider doing a factory reset. This step will wipe all your data, so make sure to do a backup beforehand.

MMS is a multimedia messaging feature where users can send a media such as an image via text. It’s a handy feature although it’s seemingly falling out of fashion in this day and age.

When you find this feature not working on your LG Rebel 4, the list above shows how to do some checking by yourselves and fix the issue.

How do I fix SMS text issues on my LG Rebel 4?

For text and messaging, here’s how to fix SMS text issues on LG Rebel 4:

1. Checking the network connection

Take a look at the network status icon on the top right of the screen. Make sure the network bar is full or at least 90% full. This icon indicates the network strength. If it’s low, it means you need to move to another location, such as near a window, to catch better signals.

2. Make sure everything is in order

This step includes disabling Airplane mode, disable Wi-Fi temporarily, and set the Messaging app as a default. To set the Messaging app as a default texting app, go to Settings > Apps > Default apps, and choose Messaging under the “Messaging app” label.

3. Clear app cache

If the network isn’t the issue, you can clear the app cache of the Messaging app. App cache could keep old bugs that won’t do any good for your phone. So it’s best to erase them. You can go to the Settings app to clear app cache.

4. Restarting the phone

Sometimes, an issue can disappear after turning off the phone, then turning it back on again. Restarting the phone is always a good move, especially after you changed a setting or just installed / update a new app.

5. Use a different texting app

If you suspect the Messaging app is the one behind the problem, you can do a test by using a third-party messaging app. Go to Google Play Store and download a messaging app with the SMS feature.

If you can send an SMS using the third-party app, your suspicion is correct. The stock messaging app doesn’t work properly. You can decide to keep using the third-party app if you want. Otherwise, keep reading.

6. Wipe cache partition

Temporary data that’s stored on cache partition can be useful most of the time. It helps load apps and configurations faster. But this temporary data can do more harm than good when accumulating too much. It’s nothing but a good idea to wipe cache partition. You can do it by entering the phone’s Recovery mode.

7. Factory reset the phone

A full factory data reset should always be the last option. Do this unless there’s no other choice. To do it without deleting all your data, make sure to do file backup first.

These days, instant messaging apps have replaced text messages. Regardless, SMS remains the most reliable way to send a message, especially during a situation when there’s no internet connection. For issues related to texts and messaging, the tutorial above shows how to resolve it.

How do I fix email not working on LG Rebel 4?

The following steps describes how to fix email not working on LG Rebel 4:

1. Delete the email account from the device

You can start by removing your email account from the device. Afterward, log back in and try sending an email. It’s also better if you perform a restart before logging back in.

2. Try a different email app

There are plenty of email clients app on the Google Play Store. Download one of them and add your account to that app. Do some tests, such as sending an email using the new app. If it’s working, the issue lies in your original email app.

From here on, you can either use the new app, or continue fixing the old app by clearing its app cache, updating to the newest version, or even do a factory reset.

3. Check your internet connection

Emails require a working internet connection. Make sure the network is not an issue here by checking your mobile data/Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to check the signal strength too.

4. Wipe cache partition

Your phone’s cache could hold unnecessary files that do nothing but contribute to your current email woes. Go to Recovery Mode and do wipe cache partition. Don’t worry, your data won’t get deleted by performing this procedure.

5. Try factory reset

If nothing works, you can take this final resolve. Back up your data then perform a factory reset. Your phone will be returned to its blank state just like when you just purchased it.

Ever since the beginning of the smartphone era, emails remain a popular way to relay a message. This is true, especially in business / work situations. That’s why it’s important to have an email app that works well all the time.

When you sense something is wrong with the email features on your LG Rebel 4, the list above will help resolve any issue.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this tutorial. Now you know what actions to take when LG Rebel 4 has issues with texts, MMS, or emails. As you have read earlier, solving it is not a complicated task. With a simple step, you can go back texting and emailing normally in no time.

If there’s something you don’t understand, you can write us a question in the comment section below.

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