LG Reflect (L555DL) User Manual

LG‌ ‌Reflect‌ ‌(L555DL) user‌ ‌manual‌ summary on contents and topics covered inside this official guide. The download link for the pdf file is available.

LG Reflect User Manual

LG‌ ‌Reflect‌ ‌user‌ ‌manual‌ is the document users should look up during unboxing and first-time setup. There’s a chance you could stumble into features you’re not familiar with. There isn’t a better guide than a phone’s official manual.

With a user manual, you don’t have to Google especially for basic settings.

This user manual from LG is not a scary technical document. It’s straightforward and simple. It’s easy for users to find the topic they’d like to read.

Many of the tutorials inside come with pictures and illustrations. So it’s even easier to digest. Topics are separated into several sections as follows.

LG Reflect User Manual

Custom-designed features

In this section, LG‌ ‌Reflect‌ ‌user‌ ‌manual‌ highlights unique features worth paying attention to. One of them is a camera feature called the Portrait mode. This is a recently popular feature among the mobile camera. It’s where you can have a blurred background on your pictures.

Aside from the Portrait mode, there are several interesting features too in the Gallery app. Among them are creating a movie and creating a GIF from your photos.

This section also introduces Google Assistant. If you want to activate this feature, make sure to not skip this part of the manual. There are some useful voice commands to learn too.

Setting up fingerprints

This is the section where you can set up the fingerprint reader. Know how to register your fingerprints properly. Not just stopping at that, you will also read about managing the fingerprint data stored on the phone.


Before moving further, it’s worth checking out this section first. This part covers the multitasking feature. You will see a tutorial with pictures about how to stack up two apps on one screen.

Product components and parts overview

Before turning on your device, it’s wise to understand the phone’s layout first. Start by knowing the components both on the front part and the back part. Understand what the keys and ports are for. This is an important basic knowledge before getting ready for the next step.

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First-time installations

In this chapter, the manual will guide you to battery and SIM card installations. Afterward, you can finally turn the phone on. This may seem easy for many users, but if you’re not sure, you can check these pages as a cheat sheet.

This section also includes an introduction to the phone’s user interface. You will learn about the notifications and status icons. There is some basic information too for the touchscreen, including gestures and Home screen overview.

Useful apps

LG Reflect comes with plenty of pre-installed apps. Apart from the system apps, you’ll also see Google apps and LG custom apps. There’s no better way to understand their function than through this section.

This section begins with some basics, such as installing and uninstalling an app. There are also tutorials for managing apps, like creating app folders and accessing app shortcuts.

Then you can read dedicated sections for each individual apps. Starting from Phone, Messages, to Camera and Gallery. LG apps that are included in this section are QuickMemo+ and Smart cleaning.


This section is where people mostly refer to when they want to do something more advanced. In this manual, it starts with a sub-chapter titled Network & internet. You might have guessed from the name itself.

Here is where guides for Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth are available. For additional tips in preserving your data balance, check out our article about TracFone Data Tips: How to Make Your Data Balance Last Longer.

Next is Sound, Display, and Lockscreen settings. The manual already discussed fingerprint sensors earlier. But other than that, there are other options for security. All of which you can read in this section.

Other settings include Battery, Storage, and Accounts. In the battery part, you’ll read about the adaptive battery and battery saver.

In Storage, you can learn about managing both internal and external memory. Lastly, Accounts discusses accounts setup and synchronization.

Download user manual

That’s the summary of the LG‌ ‌Reflect‌ ‌(L555DL) user‌ manual‌. It only shows a little part of the manual. You can download the document through the link provided for more details.

For tutorials related to your Tracfone carrier, you will need another different guide. Make sure to check out this TracFone Wireless: The Definitive Guide.

Download: LG Reflect User Manual (PDF)

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