Nokia C200 (N151DL) Review: Budget Phone with Impressive Battery

Looking out for a new smartphone can be tricky. You need to know about the ins and outs of the phone before deciding to buy it. Read this Nokia C200 review for your reference.

Nokia C200 Review

We can’t separate the uniqueness from Nokia, don’t you agree? The signature of Nokia can be seen clearly in this Nokia C200 smartphone. At first glance, we’re interested in digging deeper into the device.

Nokia still keeps on track with the smartphone developments to meet the demands of today’s market. They offer a 6.1-inch display screen with an impressive battery. One thing to underline is that they come at an affordable price.

Are you curious to find out what is inside the phone? Read this Nokia C200 (N151DL) review to see whether this phone can fulfill your needs or not.

Key Specs

Nokia C200 (N151DL) specifications:

Dimensions156.4 x 73.1 x 8.7mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.1-inch
Resolution1560 x 720
CPU2GHz Quad-core, MediaTek Helio A22
Battery4,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera8MP
FeaturesFace Unlock


Nokia C200
Nokia C200

The Nokia C200 design gives us a really good impression at first glance. This phone gets inspiration from the Nordic design with a minimalist look. With the weight of 172g, it brings sturdiness, but somehow we still feel it is easy to carry.

The phone’s front side features a 6.1-inch display screen with thin bezels. Fortunately, the bezels don’t take up so much space, so users can still feel comfortable using the phone. The front-facing camera is tucked in on the top bezel.

At the back, you can see a minimalist yet unique design. They come with a single rear camera, but we are interested in the placement. Rather than coming in an ordinary vertical way, the Nokia C200 prefers to put the camera in a circular layout.

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Nokia C200 Display

Users can enjoy a 6.1-inch of Nokia C200 display screen. This screen size gives us ample room to do daily activities such as strolling the internet and social media. For a budget phone, it is surely a plus point. More than that, the bezels that we’ve mentioned above can give the illusion of a stretched-out display. It gives us a cinematic viewing experience.

This phone is supported by a 1560 x 720 resolution with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. With these specs, users can zoom in and out of the screen for a better view. You can fit the screen entirely when watching the videos.

The display screen already features an HD+ display quality. It guarantees you to experience sharper visual details and more vivid colors.


Nokia C200 Camera

The Nokia C200 comprises a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera. Despite its single rear camera, we think the quality is more than enough. The high megapixels can take an outstanding image.

A 13MP single rear camera features auto-focus and HDR. The auto-focus can automatically focus on a subject without tapping the screen. This camera also has an LED flash to help you take pictures in dim light situations.

For a selfie camera, the Nokia C100 comes with 8MP quality. In our opinion, the quality is just the right megapixels, especially for an entry-level smartphone. You can take a beautiful selfie or group photo with this phone.

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The Nokia C200 is installed with 32GB of internal storage. It is quite a huge capacity for a budget smartphone. With this amount, you can install many handfuls of apps and store some personal files. However, you won’t get the full capacity of the internal storage. You can only enjoy around 16GB left.

To solve this problem, you are allowed to take some options. First, you can buy a separate MicroSD card for up to 256GB to expand the storage. For the most convenient ways, you can dump unwanted pictures and clear the caches regularly to save more space.


Nokia C200 Side View

Running up the phone needs good support. The Nokia C200 is powered by a 2GHz MediaTek Helio A22. This chipset can be found in almost all budget smartphones. It is not bad to have this chipset for a certain price point since it can still run very well before reaching the performance limit.

This chipset is paired with 3GB RAM. You can do basic tasks such as chatting, browsing, and strolling on social media. It can also multitask seamlessly. You can launch the apps and switch the screen swiftly. 

The 3GB RAM is considered large for an entry-level smartphone. It gives users plenty of space to store temporary apps’ data. After all, we recommend you keep the maintenance to prevent the phone from becoming laggy.

It is the software that leaves us with a good impression. The Nokia C200 comes with Android 12 as its operating system. We’re surprised to see the latest one on this phone. The Android 12 improves a lot in many aspects, and it helps the performance to keep running smoothly.

The Android 12 delivers an effortless experience to the device. The renewed UI is designed to be more spacious and comfortable to access. They also feature the latest privacy features for you to take much control by yourself.

Like any other smartphone, this phone has some sensors available. They are the accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, and proximity sensor. Those sensors have their own functions and can be useful for you.

Nokia C200 lets you have several options to secure your phone. But, the most advanced one is the face recognition feature. This feature allows you to unlock your phone with only a single look. It’s indeed very convenient and much safer. We’ve not noticed a fingerprint reader feature in this phone.


Nokia C200 is packed with the necessary connectivity features. For the network, this phone is supported by 4G LTE connectivity. It’s understandable if we don’t get to experience 5G. However, 4G can still be used anywhere around the world. With this connectivity, users can also enjoy VoLTE for clear voice calls.

Users are allowed to activate the Wi-Fi connectivity if there is no data connection around. Besides, there is also another connectivity available. Bluetooth connectivity can be used for transferring some files and connecting with external devices. For wire transfers, you can depend on the USB Type-C cable.


The most notable specs of the Nokia C200 is a 4,000mAh battery size. This capacity is impressive since we rarely find it in the most budget phones. This phone promises you can enjoy up to 2-days for a single charge. Even though it sounds dreamy, this could happen if you are not doing lot-consume activities. However, you better lower the expectations, though.

The Nokia C200 employs a non-removable battery. You don’t need to worry about damaging the battery. This battery has a low chance of getting risks or damage. Even though there is no fast charging available, the phone doesn’t take so much time to charge.

Is the Nokia C200 a good phone?

Our verdict of the Nokia C200 review is kinda mixed up. This phone has many interesting specs we didn’t find on any other entry-level smartphones. This includes the unique Nordic design, the latest Android 12, and a large battery capacity. Especially its price of only $69, which is affordable for those features above.

But, there are also some drawbacks in a few aspects, such as an outdated single rear camera and an average chipset performance. In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide after all the pros and cons. You can take this phone as one of the considerations.

Nokia C200 Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Unique design
  • Impressive battery

Nokia C200 Cons:

  • Outdated single rear-camera
  • Average chipset performance

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