Nokia C100 (N152DL) User Manual

The Nokia C100 user manual can help users figure out the phone’s features and specifications. Take this document as your assistance to discover all around.

Nokia C100 User Manual

Who doesn’t know Nokia? Their existence being one of the famous phone brands is undoubted. However, if it is your first time having a Nokia smartphone, you still need enlightenment.

The Nokia C100 is one of the Nokia smartphones available on the market. It offers many potential and interesting features. In that case, we need strong and comprehensive guidance.

A user manual may sound boring to some people. But, we highly recommend you to read the Nokia C100 (N152DL) user manual to understand the gadget and find out all of your answers. You may find something unexpected in this document.

Get Started

Welcome to the first chapter of the user manual. This chapter contains a lot of useful information before using your Nokia C100. In the beginning, users will take a tour to discover the phone’s keys and parts.

Once you understand the layout, you will learn about the tutorials for installing the SIM card, charging the battery, and transferring your files from the old device. This chapter will also teach you to navigate the phone with gestures and keys.

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Learn from the basics. That is what we are always taught before using anything new. In our opinion, the Basics chapter is very important to read. It provides a lot of information about some functions that we’re not aware of.

For example, you can personalize your phone according to your preferences. You can change the notification settings or control the phone’s volume. You are even going to have some tips to save your battery life.

Connect With Your Friends and Family

The essential purpose of having a smartphone is to connect with our friends, family, and the world. Luckily in this part, we will learn how to use communication apps. Included, Calls, Contact, Messages, and Mail.


The Nokia C100 only provides a single rear camera as its main camera. However, it still comes great to take beautiful pictures or record videos. But, you can still improve the camera quality by adjusting the settings.

Let’s not waste the chance to use the camera. This chapter will walk you through all of the camera feature details. Learn how to use the camera to take a picture, take a selfie, and record a video in one shot.   

Internet and Connections

Nowadays, we can’t live without the internet. It’s a fact. Most people still have no idea how to connect to the internet. It may be confusing. This chapter allows you to have a better and easier experience surfing the internet. 

At the start, users will learn how to activate the alternate Wi-Fi connections. The next part will show the ways to browse the web. Lastly, users will also learn how to connect with Bluetooth and VPN connection.

Organize Your Day

Work-life balance is not a myth. The Nokia C100 supports this lifestyle by providing some apps to help users organize their day better. You will learn how to use the Alarm, Calendar and make an event here.

Apps, Updates, and Backups

In the last chapter, users will learn about downloading apps from Google Play. Moving into the next part, you will find out how to update your phone’s software and back up the phone’s data. You can also learn how to solve the problem if your phone gets lost.

Download User Manual

All of the information in the Nokia C100 user manual may be very useful. It covers all of the phone’s features and capabilities. It will also help you solve every difficulty you might find in the future. We recommend you download a full document in the provided link. It is just one click away.

Download: Nokia C100 User Manual (PDF)

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