Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G (R678EL) User Manual

This manual helps you navigate your way around your smartphone? Don’t worry! The Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G user manual is an easy-to-read document.

Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G User Manuals

What’s better than buying a brand new device? Purchasing a smartphone as cool as the Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G can be a wonderful and exciting experience.

Before you dive into your smartphone, do you exactly know how to use it? Sure, you might be familiar with making calls and sending text messages. But did you know there’s more you can explore?

In the Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G (R678EL) user manual, you will find a couple of guidelines showing what you want you can and cannot do with your device.

This way, you can maintain your phone for a long time. For a glimpse into the user manual, check out this quick summary below before you download the full document.

Charging The Battery

First things first, you’ll need to learn how to properly charge your Orbic Magic 5G smartphone. When you open your device for the first time, it should have enough power to power on, find a signal, and make a few calls.

However, it’s advisable to fully charge your smartphone beforehand. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to connect the USB cable to the right phone port. You can find this information, along with a couple of precautions, in this section.

Using The Touchscreen

Your Orbic Magic 5G’s touch screen gives you the ability to use specific actions to move around the screen. Additionally, you can also open menus, zoom in and out of websites, and perform a variety of touch gestures.

To understand what touch gestures are available on your device, check out this section. You’ll find a list of gestures and what each gesture does to your phone. With this information, you won’t have to worry about accidentally tapping or dragging on the wrong things.

Installing Screen Locks

You can secure your Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G by using a screen lock. When enabled, you can either use your finger to draw a pattern or use a PIN password to unlock your phone’s screen. There’s a variety of screen locks that you can try out.

To do either one, all of you have to do is follow the guidelines provided in this chapter. Additionally, the user manual teaches you how to configure the fingerprint sensor for a more seamless unlocking experience.

Status Bar Information

Ever wonder what’s going on with your Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G? You can find your complete phone information right on the Status Bar. The Status Bar on the top of the screen provides both phone and service status icons.

Each of these icons means something. To find out what these icons look like and what all of them represent, check out the Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G user manual later on. This is a useful section that you can refer to from time to time.

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Adding Wi-Fi Network

When you have a hotspot around, you can use your Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G’s Wi-Fi to stay connected. Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the Internet when you are within range of a wireless network or when you want to save your data.

To add a Wi-Fi network, you can easily read the instructions provided in this chapter. In addition, you can also learn how to forget a Wi-Fi network that you’re no longer using.

Making Phone Calls

Calling someone should be a no-brainer. But if you have trouble making calls on your Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G, don’t worry. The user manual has detailed guidelines teaching you how to place calls. On top of that, it gives you instructions on answering or rejecting a call.

You can also find out how to check your call history. Call history is a list of all calls placed and received, including missed calls.

Camera Functions

Before capturing a photo or video on your Orbic Magic 5G, you can learn how to adjust your camera settings. You can change your camera modes to match your personal preferences. To do this, check out this section of the user manual.

Once that’s settled, you can then experiment with camera functions. These are controls that you can use to change up various styles of photography.

Download User Manual

Now that you’ve read the summary, it’s time to obtain the full user manual! There’s so much more you can learn by checking out the Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G user manual from start to finish. To get the document, click on the available download link and you’re good to go.

Download: Tracfone Orbic Magic 5G User Manual (PDF)

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