Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (S426DL) User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G user manual is your trusted companion when it comes to setting up the phone for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G User Manual

There are so many things users can’t wait to do when they get a new phone. Sadly, among these activities, reading the user manual is probably the last thing that exists in their mind.

You’d want to try the camera or set up your social media account. Before doing that, the user manual can help tremendously. This is why missing it is not a good idea.

In this Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (S426DL) user manual, you’ll get all the information you need. It covers all the necessary topics, from getting started to advanced settings.

Don’t forget to read the manual. Get the copy here where you can download it. Meanwhile, read a bit of the manual’s sneak peek below.

Set Up Your Device

This is the section where you can ask for help on how to get started with the phone. The manual comes with all the necessary graphics, explaining where you should put the SIM card. That’s just one example. For more, instruction on how to insert the SD card is available, as well as explanations about the phone’s buttons and ports.

The subsection “Charge The Battery” soon followed. Here, learn about how to maintain your phone’s battery so it is long-lasting and works better. There are more tips about extending the battery life you shouldn’t miss.


Getting around the phone must be easy if you are already familiar with smartphones. However, you would still miss out on a feature or two. The manual is the perfect place to discover the hidden perks of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G.

Start with this section where you can learn about transferring data from an old device. That would boost your starting process by a mile. No more headache trying to copy data one by one.

This is also the perfect place to learn about unique features provided by Samsung. They have quite a handful, such as Biometric Security, Mobile Continuity, and Edge Panels. Intrigued? Head to the manual to learn each one of them.

Configure Shooting Mode

Knowing how to work with your camera is the key to producing brilliant photos. That principle applies as well to Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. With its many lenses and modes, this device can be confusing for beginners. Thankfully, the manual is here for you.

Learn about the differences between the Fun mode, Single take, the Food mode, and unfamiliar modes like AR Doodle. The same section also teaches about video recordings. Here, you can read about using slow-motion, hyper-lapse, and super slow-mo.

Don’t forget to dig into details on what these modes can achieve with the camera. It’s a way to squeeze out the phone’s potential in photography.

Samsung Apps

As a Samsung phone, it’s no wonder it packs plenty of Samsung apps pre-installed. However, this one seems to take it a notch. The fact that this is a mid-level phone exposes you to high-end features like NFC. As a result, Samsung Galaxy A42 5G comes with accompanying apps like Samsung Pay.

Not sure how to use it? This manual comes to your rescue. Learn about Samsung Pay and its other friends, such as Samsung TV Plus, wearable apps, and the AR Zone app.

Beyond Samsung apps, this manual also has a dedicated section for Google apps and Microsoft apps. Yes, Samsung Galaxy A42 5G has plenty of pre-installed apps across software manufacturers.

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Access Settings

The Settings app is like the machine room where all the configurations on your phone are tuned and tweaked. You can tune and tweak too, only you need to know how to access these configurations. This manual will show you how.

Even better, the manual has a better way to find a particular setting. It helps you save time especially when you’re in a hurry. Make sure to learn this trick in the manual.


A part of the section Settings is reserved for everything network-related. If you don’t know yet, what you have now is a 5G phone. Read the manual just in case it comes with distinct settings too. That way, you can maximize the phone’s potential and get the fastest connection possible.

In addition, this phone is also equipped with more wireless features like NFC and Bluetooth. There are also Tethering, Nearby Device Scanning, and Ethernet. It can get confusing sometimes, that’s why reading this manual is very important.

Download User Manual

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G user manual shows how crucial it is to know your phone before using it. Especially for a phone of this caliber, not screwing things up is in your best interest. Read the manual to minimize risks and maximize potentials. Download a PDF copy through the link we provided below.

Download: Samsung Galaxy A42 5G User Manual (PDF)

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