Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (S326DL) Review: Affordable 5G Phone

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review shows an interesting phone with 5G support, Quad-camera, and speedy performance. It also has NFC and fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone was released in January 2021. 5G phones are getting cheaper nowadays. This particular model is one of the proofs.

In fact, this is the key selling point of the device. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G provides next-gen connection speed for your everyday communications. All while the phone is priced under $300.

5G is not the only thing Samsung Galaxy A32 5G offers. You will also get a Quad-camera setup, with its biggest lens offering 48MP resolution. Meanwhile, the battery capacity is at 5,000mAh and it comes with a fast-charging capability.

There is still plenty to discover with this phone. Read our Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (S326DL) review to get a full view of the device specifications.

Key Specs

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (S326DL) specifications:

  • Weight: 205g
  • Dimensions: 164.1 x 76.1 x 9.1mm
  • OS: Android 11
  • Screen size: 6.5-inch
  • Resolution: 1600 x 720
  • CPU: 2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 720
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh, Non-removable
  • Rear camera: 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP
  • Front camera: 13MP


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (S326DL)

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has a very interesting design. With a 164.1 x 76.1 x 9.1mm dimension, this phone is striking for being slim and tall. Its body is quite humongous. However, it is still comfortable to hold and lightweight. The weight itself is 205g.

The body is made of a plastic frame and back casing, while the display coating is from glass. The back cover is glossy and not matte. It beautifully reflects lights but at the same time, it’s not too shiny. In this back area, you can find the camera without frames. The camera position is actually quite unique.

There’s no fingerprint reader in this area. It’s because Samsung put it on the right side of the phone. This sensor is embedded with the Power button. As a result, the phone’s design appears clean and not cluttered.

From the side, you can see how the cameras are slightly protruding. It makes us hesitant to put the phone with the display on top because we’re afraid to scratch the lenses. For buyers, it’s recommended to also buy a phone case to protect the cameras.

The front area looks like a typical smartphone today. You will have an infinity display, thin bezels, and a camera notch. The bezel is slightly thicker on the bottom part.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Display

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G has a massive 6.5-inch display. The size seems to be accentuated more by the thin bezel. Unfortunately, the resolution does not live up to our expectations. The phone opts for a mere HD quality (1600 x 720). In our opinion, it should be better for a phone that’s considered a mid-range.

The display is expansive, so we have no problem with the size. It can pack two apps at once and still leave large enough space to work comfortably. The display also offers a great viewing experience for videos. When playing games, the phone delivers a similar lifelike experience as well.

However, the lower resolution results in a lack of color depth. Often, you’ll also notice that the phone is not bright enough under the sun. For many people, the weaknesses of the display are subtle. But for people who migrate from better quality displays, the difference is noticeable.

The screen also doesn’t come with a protective coating. Compared to a display with Gorilla Glass protection, this one is more prone to scratch. If you decide to own this phone, also grab yourself a good screen protector.


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Camera

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G comes with a great set of cameras. First, we got the main 48MP lens. Afterward, turn your attention to the 8MP wide-angle lens, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth lens. For the selfie shooter, the phone provides you with a 13MP front camera.

The main lens is clearly the strongest in specs. You can get a photo with great details that are still sharp no matter after it is zoomed. Activate the highest quality setting to produce this type of photo. However, make sure to have ample space on the storage since the file size will be big.

The wide-angle lens is a traveler’s favorite. You can shoot vast areas in one frame by using this lens. The phone also makes it easy to switch from a normal lens to the wide-angle one. All you need to do is press one button.

Meanwhile, the depth lens allows users to play around with blurred backgrounds. Using this lens, you can achieve a natural-looking aesthetic with your portrait picture.

Back to the main 48MP camera, this lens is also the reason why you can produce 4K video with Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Record something and then play it on a big TV. You’ll experience no drop in quality.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G comes with 64GB internal storage. If you use the camera with its full resolution setting, 64GB will easily run out for storing photos. In this case, we hoped the phone provided more space for user files. On paper, it is 64GB, but users actually get only 46.7GB.

You can add a MicroSD card, which solves this storage scarcity issue. The biggest capacity you can add is 1TB. It is a massive amount and lets you store thousands of photos and plenty of video files.


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Right Side

This phone runs on a 2GHz MediaTek processor that supports 5G and 4GB RAM. Called MediaTek Dimensity 720, this CPU boasts to be the most efficient in its class. This CPU supports a 90Hz display frame rate. It’s also an Octa-core processor able to thread more processes at once.

The 4G RAM further assists the CPU to deliver better performance. As a result, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is not only a phone good for casual apps browsing. You can push it to do harder tasks, from video editing and gaming.

It’s important to note that you won’t get a flagship performance here. However, a fast launch time, fluid screen switching, and almost no lag will make customers more than happy. Multitasking is a breeze using this phone. No more frustration due to lack of RAM space, which causes a decrease in speed.

This setup also promises smooth gaming and streaming. It looks like Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is built for entertainment more than anything else. If that’s your priority when buying a phone, consider this particular model on your wishlist.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G runs on Android 10 out of the box. Consumers will have the option to upgrade to Android 11. There are more improvements that enhance your phone experience. One of the examples is dark theme scheduling. You can activate the phone’s dark mode at certain hours automatically.

This phone also has a fingerprint reader. Rather than on the back, the scanner is located on the side. Other types of sensors are available. In fact, there are more of them than on average phones. One of the most striking is Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, and Hall Sensor.

Overall, this Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review on performance ends with a satisfying verdict. The phone delivers speed and performance fitting for a mid-range model.


Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Left Side

As shown on the model name, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G supports 5G. In fact,  this is the phone you should get for the 5G feature, but not at an exorbitant price. As expected, connection speeds are blazing fast. The 5G support also makes the phone future-proof, as you don’t need to upgrade anymore.

5G is not the only thing remarkable in this Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review for networks. There are some other connectivity features worth eyeing. Wi-Fi, the latest Bluetooth, and PC sync are among these additional functionalities. This phone also provides Wi-Fi direct, and GPS with Glonass and Galileo location technology.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G uses a US Type-C connector for charging and data transfer. Lastly, it also supports NFC for contactless payment.


This phone features a 5,000mAh battery that is non-removable. This is a huge size, but we suspect it will be easily spent on 5G. Other areas like the display aren’t really energy-demanding, but 5G could be another story.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is able to handle up to 21 hours of internet time on 4G. The number is lower for 5G. As for talk time, you can have 41 hours of call on a single charge.

For refueling its capacity, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G comes with a 15W fast charger. It allows you to recharge the battery quickly. When things are urgent, you can plug in your phone for a few minutes and it will be usable for a call or two.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G a good phone?

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is a good phone for 5G seekers. In particular, those consumers who want a 5G phone but without paying a flagship price. Retailers sell this phone for $280. In our opinion, this is a relatively affordable price.

In this Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review, we listed some of the benefits apart from the 5G support. You will enjoy a quad-camera setup for the best mobile photography experience. The phone also has a big battery, side-mounted fingerprint reader, and NFC.

There are several drawbacks. One example is the display quality which is only HD. We also think Samsung Galaxy A32 5G could be more generous by giving bigger storage space.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Pros

  • 5G support
  • Great camera
  • Fast charging
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Cons

  • Only HD display

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