Tracfone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL / Z963VL User Manual / User Guide

User Manual for Tracfone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL / Z963VLUser manual for TracFone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL and Z963VL is there to help you understand better on how to use every single aspect of the phone so no more trouble on operate it on your own.

TracFone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL and Z963VL is a duo combo smartphone that could be well something you need. Both phones share everything, which means both of them have the same shape, features and specification. The only thing that set them apart is the network technology that it use, where one of them use CDMA technology and the other GSM.

Tracfone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL / Z963VL User Manual

ZTE Max Duo Z962BL / Z963VL User Manual

Being part of TracFone family, both phones gets their own user manual. TracFone always released user manual for every single phone that uses their service, including these two phones. A user manual is a manual made specifically for the user of the phone. It contains all sort of information regarding the phone, to help user know and understand the phone better.

Perhaps the most important part of a user manual is on the tutorial. Most people skip the whole part about specification and features that they found much too technical and jump straight to the tutorial. This is where user learns how to use the phone in general as well as how to perform specific action.

For first time user, they can take advantage on the “Getting Started” tutorial. It show user all sort of thing that they need to know about operating the phone in the first place. The getting started tutorial show about how to insert SIM Card and battery, how to turn the phone on and off, how to find serial number of the phone, how to charge the battery and how to remove the battery if it’s possible.

That is only small part of the tutorial. Other part of the tutorial speaks about other aspect of the phone such as Bluetooth, Camera, Camcorder, Maps, Email and so on. It listed everything that the phone capable of and also show user exactly how to operate it with easy to follow tutorial.

Tracfone ZTE Max Duo Z962BL / Z963VL User Manual: Z962BL PDF Download | Z962BL Online Tutorials | Z963VL PDF Download | Z963VL Online Tutorials. This user manual guide is provided by Tracfone and you will download from their server. If you find a broken link, please feel free to contact me through comment form below.

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