Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon (A564C) User Manual

Tracfone do have lots of phone type to offer for their costumer, from a non-smartphone device to the latest smartphone device. For those who are looking for a simple smartphone device from Tracfone, Alcatel OneTouch A564C could be something to look at.

Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon A546C Manual

This smartphone run by using Android version 4.4 as its operating system and it is good enough for most people. This system helps to make the phone operate smoothly in every single aspect of it.

This device support 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity that allow user to use it to browse the internet for anything.

It also allow user to use other feature that is available in the phone such as email, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Play Store and also Google Maps.

Internet connection is not the only thing that can help people connect with each other using this phone. It also has Bluetooth connection that can be used to connect to a computer, VPN, and other Bluetooth device as well.

Basic features such as calendar, FM Radio, MP3 player, and camera is also available in this smartphone. The whole thing about its features and specification is listed on the user manual of the phone.

Any user who finds that they are stuck on using a feature or a build in app in this phone can use the user manual to understand it better.

Not only listed the complete feature and specification along with how to use it, the manual also provide user with other important information as well.

This is where user can find out about the regulatory and safety of using the phone, how to use developer options and also how to upgrade the phone using FOTA.

With this kind of information about features and specification, anyone who is looking for a smartphone from Tracfone will be able to make the best decision for their need.

Download: Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon A546C Manual (2 MB)

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