How to Perform Factory Reset on Tracfone LG 840G

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Tracfone LG 840G – Find out why, when and how you can perform hard reset or factory reset to your Tracfone LG 840G and get on with process without facing any difficulty, and have your phone back to its original state.

Factory reset or sometimes called hard reset is an action that will bring the phone back to its original factory default setting. It can be done to all kind of phone including Tracfone LG 840G.

How to Perform Factory Reset on Tracfone LG 840G

As for this phone, you have options to set the setting that will be restored to its factory default and leave the rest of the setting untouched. Here is how to do hard reset on Tracfone LG 840G:

  1. On the standby screen of the phone, press “Left Soft Key” and then choose “Menu
  2. Among the available options, choose “Settings” and then go for “Phone Setting
  3. You will find more options in there and choose “Reset Setting
  4. Next thing that you need to do is choose between “Master Reset” and “Master Clear

As it said before, you have options on which setting that you can bring to its factory default setting and in the same time leave the rest of it. If you choose “Master Reset” then it will bring the entire phone setting into factory setting and that include Language setting, Bluetooth setting and also other setting. You will find that your phone has the same setting just like when you use it the first time after you bought it.

If you opt for “Master Clear”, then it will erase any user created and downloaded content that you have both in the internal and external memory of the phone. Any content that you download and use after you bought the phone will be no more.

Now you get the idea of how to perform hard reset in Tracfone LG 840G and the kind of options you have in there. It is up to you to choose which options to take, but do remember that you need to back up the whole thing, so you can restore it back again for future use.

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