How to Hard Reset LG 440G Flip Phone

No matter what reason that you have when you decide to perform hard reset or sometimes it called factory reset for your Tracfone LG440G Flip Phone, you must know exactly what you are doing.

How to Hard Reset LG 440G Flip Phone

It got the name of factory reset because it will bring the phone back to its original factory setting with no data that you saved in there after you bought it.

The thing about factory reset to this phone is that you have wider option than just bringing the phone back to its original state.

You can set the kind of setting that should be restored to factory state and leave the rest to the current state.

To make it easier for you to understand, read this guide on how to perform hard reset to Tracfone LG440G Flip Phone:

  1. Start by making sure that your phone is already ON and it’s on the standby screen.
  2. Press “Left Soft Key” and choose “Menu
  3. Find the “Settings” menu and opt for “Phone Settings
  4. Choose “Reset Settings” from the available options
  5. You will see two options that you are free to choose, the “Master Reset” and “Master Clear

Different options give you different result. For “Master Reset” option, it will bring the phone settings back to its factory setting or default values.

It means that the Display setting, Bluetooth settings, Language and other phone setting will be like the first time you use it.

In the other hand, “Master Clear” option will delete any downloaded content or user created content including videos and images not only from the phone but also from external memory as well.

You can decide the kind of action to choose with the available options. But always remember that you must back up the entire data of your phone first, before you do hard reset, no matter what option that you are going to take.


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  1. I need a hard reset to use the phone because of forgotten codes that ARE NOT factory. The phone is now with straight talk.

  2. I have an LG440 flip phone. Water was poured on to the keypad, also got in the battery wet, now it won’t turn on. The battery works in another phone, & a different charged battery does not work in the phone that was wet. We tried putting the phone in rice for 24 hours, several hours after the incident. Is there any way to repair it? Is there any way to retrieve the info & minutes off the phone to transfer to another phone?

  3. I did as Bolas34 above suggested and it worked. My sister passed away and I did not have the code. I want to donate the phone, but not with her contacts in it. Worked great!

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