Alcatel MyFlip 2 (A406DL) User Manual

Quick summary on Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual with a download link. Find out why it’s important to set aside several minutes to read this document.

Alcatel MyFlip 2 User Manual

When it comes to a feature phone, most people would be confident enough that they understand the device well. After all, they are considered simpler than smartphones.

But in the case of Alcatel MyFlip 2 (A406DL), you may want to reconsider. This device comes with some quirky features despite its status as a basic phone. You will need the Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual.

Inside the manual, learn about less-known features like the emergency number. The document still also covers the essentials, such as phone calls, messaging, and app-related tutorials. Pages discussing advanced settings follow afterward. It’s the all-in-one document to get to know your device better.

Read the summary below. Therefore you will know what you’re getting into before finally downloading the manual.

Your mobile device

Commonly a manual starts with the introduction of the device, especially its layout. It’s also the case with Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual. In this first chapter, read about the phone overview as well as a sneak peek into the Home screen.

This chapter also offers a getting started guide. Learn all the initial setup you need to take to get your phone up and running. Starting from installing the battery, SIM card, to turning on the phone, follow each step carefully.

Quick dial button

Quick Dial Button on Alcatel MyFlip 2 has an emergency purpose. You can add a number that you need to quickly call when you need help. Before using this feature, you will need to activate it.

That’s where the manual will be useful. Particularly in this section, learn about adding an emergency number, activate the quick call, and tutorial on how to use it (make an emergency call).

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Phone calls, contact, and messages

This section provides basic guides on using the phone’s Phone, Contact, and Messages app. You can skip it if you already know how to navigate these basic functionalities. Otherwise, this section is your go-to manual for calling, texting, and managing contacts.


You can send and receive emails with Alcatel MyFlip 2. There’s a dedicated app for that on this phone. To use it, don’t forget to set your account first. The tutorial for it is available in this section. Further, the manual also shows users how to send an email.


This section discusses apps that weren’t mentioned in the previous chapters. They include Calendar, Camera, and Clock apps. In “Camera,” learn what you can do with this phone’s 2 MP lens. In Clock, the manual tells you how to set an alarm, the timer, and the stopwatch.

That’s not the end of everything. The next thing you’ll read is FM radio, Video, and Gallery. Alcatel MyFlip 2 may not come with a lot of entertainment features. But in this section, you’ll learn how to get the best of what’s available.

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Network & connectivity

In “Network & Connectivity,” the manual explains how to connect to networks on Alcatel MyFlip 2. Explore subtopics such as Data Connection, Roaming, and Airplane Mode. You will also read about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Lastly, this chapter also mentions a bit about the Geolocation feature.

Personalize your phone

Alcatel MyFlip 2 allows you to make several customizations on the phone. You can tweak here and there, whether it’s the language, the Home screen appearance, or sound settings.

For display customization, learn how to adjust wallpaper, brightness, and screen timeout. Customizations for sound include adjusting volume and picking the tones. Read the tutorial for each setting in this chapter.


Alcatel MyFlip 2 comes with reliable security measures. To protect your phone from unwanted snooping, use the lock feature. Read this section on how to configure it.

Apart from the screen lock, you can double the security by also applying the SIM lock and the anti-theft features. This phone may be a small one, but you can be sure it is properly armed when it comes to security.

Download user manual

From this overview, we can conclude how useful Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual would be for users. Both beginners and experienced users can benefit from its contents. If you’d like a copy of the manual, click the download link below.

Download: Alcatel MyFlip 2 User Manual (PDF)

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