Samsung Galaxy A01 vs Galaxy A10e: Specs Comparison

Specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A10e in detail. Find out what each phone has to offer. Also, get information about the price.

Galaxy A01 vs Galaxy A10e Specs Comparison

When it comes to affordable good quality phones, Samsung has plenty of options for consumers. However, sometimes it feels like they have too many models launched into the market.

As a consumer, you can be confused by all those choices. That’s why here we are trying to help by narrowing down into two options. In this article, we’re going to discuss the specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy A01 (S111DL) and Galaxy A10e (S102DL).

In our opinion, both are the best Samsung phones you can find below $150. Both products are quite recently launched. Samsung Galaxy A01 is a 2020 release. Meanwhile, Galaxy A10e is released in 2019.

They both are the trendy phone that catches up to the latest technology. All while keeping the price at the low side. Let’s dig deeper into their comparison.

Main Differences

The main difference that you can instantly see is the cameras. Samsung Galaxy A01 features a dual-camera. Galaxy A10e not only has a single rear camera, but the camera also has a lower resolution. For the rear camera, it is 13MP on Samsung Galaxy A01 versus 8MP on Galaxy A10e.

Another significant difference is the processor. Samsung Galaxy A01has a faster processor with a speed of 2GHz. Meanwhile, Galaxy A10e uses a Samsung Exynos processor with 1.6GHz speed.

The last crucial difference is the Android version. Being released in 2020, Samsung Galaxy A01 users can enjoy the latest Android 10. Galaxy A10e still uses the previous year’s Android 9 Pie.

Specs Comparison

Specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy A01 (S111DL) vs Galaxy A10e (S102DL):

Galaxy A01Galaxy A10e
Dimensions147 x 71 x 8.3mm147 x 70 x 8.4mm
OSAndroid 10Android 9
Screen size5.7-inch5.83-inch
Resolution1520 x 7201560 x 720
CPU2GHz Octa-core1.6GHz Octa-core
Rear camera13MP + 2MP8MP
Front camera5MP5MP


Samsung Galaxy A01 Design
Galaxy A01

Both Samsung Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A10e are modern-looking phones. These are also large phones. The dimension is 147 x 71 x 8.3mm for Samsung Galaxy A01. It’s almost similar to Samsung Galaxy A10e with its 147 x 70 x 8.4 mm dimension.

Samsung Galaxy A01 is slightly heavier at 151g. Possibly because it has more components such as the dual camera. At 141g, Galaxy A10e feels roughly similar. Both phones uses the same plastic material for their casing.

Each phone features a full-screen display leaving only a notch on top of the screen. This notch is where the front camera is located. On top of the camera, you will see a speaker installed.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Pictures
Galaxy A10e

Both phones look very similar to a glance. But when looking closely, you might notice little details such as the thicker bottom bezel on Samsung Galaxy A01. This thicker “chin” makes Samsung Galaxy A10e looks more full screen than Galaxy A01.

Other little differences include the placement of the volume keys. It is located on the left on Samsung Galaxy A01, and on the right side on Galaxy A10e. Another obvious one is the cameras on the back. But overall, these phones are mostly similar in terms of looks and comfort.


Samsung Galaxy A01 features a 5.7-inch screen with HD+ resolution. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy A10e has a slightly bigger screen at 5.83-inch. Its resolution is also HD+ (1560 x 720). Therefore, both phones have the same pixel density at 295ppi. The aspect ratio is also similar at the 18:9 ratio.

In our opinion, both phones offer the same level of the viewing experience. The small difference in size doesn’t matter a lot. It is not noticeable except Galaxy A10e has a more infinity feel. It’s due to the bigger screen-to-body ratio.

The display on each phone delivers vivid and bright output. Although we’ve seen a better display, these phones are more than adequate for an entry-level gadget. The display type on either phone is LCD TFT. There isn’t any coating or protection like Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy A10e is only better here because of the display size. But beyond that, there isn’t anything substantial to compare. Browsing the screen with either phone is equally enjoyable. The full widescreen is the best for when watching movies.

In either phone, you can use the multitasking feature to stack up two apps at once. Due to the large screen, having more than one app doesn’t feel limiting or awkward.


Samsung Galaxy A01 provides its users with a dual-camera setup. The main rear camera is a whopping 13MP in resolution. This camera is aided by a 2MP sidekick lens. On the front, you will enjoy a 5MP selfie camera.

Its competitor, Samsung Galaxy A10e, comes with a less impressive setup. No dual-camera on this phone. The rear camera is only 8MP. We can say this is one of the weaknesses of this phone. Meanwhile, the front camera is similar, at 5MP resolution.

Looking at the spec above, the camera is clearly an aspect where Samsung Galaxy A01 triumphs. This is where the product can prove itself to be worth it. The picture result is far better looking on this phone than anything taken with Samsung Galaxy A10e. Galaxy A01’s camera captures more details on objects.

The dual camera on Samsung Galaxy A01 means you can turn on the Live Focus feature. Background blur/bokeh effect is captured naturally instead of digitally added. It is something that’s unavailable in Galaxy A10e. If you are a photography enthusiast, it is clear which phone to choose. Samsung Galaxy A01 is practically unbeatable in this matter.

Lastly, despite the difference, there are some similarities between both phones’ cameras. One of them is video recording. Both are capable of capturing 1080p videos. As mentioned earlier, the front-facing cameras also deliver similar quality on both phones. Inside the camera app, you will also find similar menus such as HDR, panorama, and manual mode.


Samsung Galaxy A01 comes with only 16GB of ROM storage. For a phone released in 2020, this number is too low. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy A10e has a larger capacity at 32GB. 

There is an option for expandable storage on both phones. This time, they share a similar capacity. The maximum allowed amount of SD card storage is 512GB.

As a verdict, in this category, we think Galaxy A10e deserves to be the winner. Although these days, either 16GB or 32GB would easily run out. But at least Galaxy A10e storage would not fill up as quickly as the storage on Samsung Galaxy A01.


The processor setup on Samsung Galaxy A01 consists of a 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 Processor and 2GB of RAM. On the other hand, Galaxy A10e runs on Exynos 7884. The processing speed tops at 1.6GHz. Both processors are Octa-core ones. For the RAM, it’s also 2GB on Galaxy A10e.

Here, Samsung Galaxy A01 races ahead of its competitor when it comes to processing speed. It’s no denying that the phone is faster. Especially on advanced apps such as photo editing apps and 3D games.

Because when it comes to regular everyday apps, we found no significant difference between the two phones. There is probably milliseconds of difference when launching an app or switching between screen. But average users won’t be able to detect that.

Therefore the difference is more apparent when you’re trying to push the phones to their limit. When playing games, for example, you will be able to enjoy better graphic settings on Samsung Galaxy A01. Sometimes, we found Galaxy A10e to be struggling with demanding apps.

Now moving to the software, once again Samsung Galaxy A01 is winning. With this device, you can enjoy the latest Android 10. There are some optimizations Google put in this new version. Among them is the native dark mode. You can pick a dark theme on Android without installing any third-party app.

Beyond that, Android 10 also offers better privacy settings and faster file transfer. Samsung Galaxy A10e, meanwhile, uses Android 9.0 Pie which is the previous year ‘s release. It is a solid operating system too. However, Android 10 has all the features Android 9 has, but it’s not the other way around.

Take an example with the Google Assistant. This is the highlighted picture on Android 9.0 Pie. In Android 10, there are even some improvements here. Google Assistant now can suggest more responses when replying to a message. That’s one of the perks you can find in Android 10.

Since both phones are from Samsung, similarities between them lie in custom apps. Another similarity is also the absence of any fingerprint sensor. It is disappointing actually, especially a fingerprint reader is almost a must these days.

Samsung Galaxy A01 provide a biometrics sensor instead. This Face Unlock feature is also available on Galaxy A01. Both phones also have other sensors like accelerometer and light sensor. They are hearing aid compatible too.

To conclude this specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A10e in this category, one phone is an all-round winner. And that phone is Samsung Galaxy A01. It has a faster processor. And if you like to be more up-to-date with the OS, Galaxy A01 with its Android 10 looks more tempting.


In this category, there are more similarities than differences. Both phones are equipped with 4G supports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. For Bluetooth, Galaxy A10e is better with its Bluetooth v5. Samsung Galaxy A01 still uses version 4.2.

Both phones also use the USB Type-C as its connector. Therefore, you can ensure a faster data transfer. Samsung also still gives these phones a 3.5mm headphone jack and an FM Radio access. No phone is providing the NFC feature.

In terms of connectivity, you can choose either phone without considering too much. They each give roughly the same call quality and internet speed. If there’s any difference in performance, most likely it’s because of other things like the battery or the software. The carrier you use also plays a role. Read this guide on how to get the most of your mobile carrier if you want to improve the overall network performance.


For the battery, in terms of capacity, both phones are similar. They use a 3,000 mAh Li-Ion cell. The batteries are non-removable on each phone.

Although similar, their performance is different. Samsung Galaxy A01 has a more powerful processor, so it requires more energy. Therefore its standby time is lower than Galaxy A10e. It’s 271 hours on Samsung Galaxy A01 versus 511 hours on Galaxy A10e.

But Samsung Galaxy A01 has one significant advantage. It provides a fast charging feature while we found none in Samsung Galaxy A10e. So it means, although you will require more charging in Galaxy A01, the charging time will be lower.

Which is better:  Samsung Galaxy A01 or Galaxy A10e?

In this specs comparison between Samsung Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A10e, one phone offers significantly more. Our recommendation is Samsung Galaxy A01. It is a newer phone. The device also offers undeniably more attractive cameras and processor setup. Not to mention the Android 9.

Now let’s discuss the price. It is very surprising to find out that the better phone (Galaxy A01) is cheaper. You can buy Samsung Galaxy A01 at $79.99. This is very affordable when compared to the Galaxy A10e price at $119.99 (Non-discounted price is $159.99). With so many perks Galaxy A01 offers, it does come as the ultimate winner.

That’s all our comparison for these two budget phones. If you’d like to find a flip phone as a backup, read our list of 10 Best Tracfone Flip Phones for Seniors in 2020.

Galaxy A01 Pros

  • Newer by year of release
  • Faster processor
  • Better camera
  • Android 10
  • Fast Charging
  • Cheaper price

Galaxy A10e Pros

  • Larger display
  • Larger internal storage
  • Fast charging
  • Newer Bluetooth version

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