TracFone Moto G Power (XT2041DL) User Manual

Motorola Moto G Power (XT2041DL) user manual summary. Understand the features on your phone better by reading this document. Download link is available.

Moto G Power User Manual

Having a new phone is exciting. But before you jump in exploring its features, make sure to take a look at its user manual. It’s a way to learn the phone from a trusted source.

Motorola Moto G Power (XT2041DL) user manual is here to provide information about your new device. Moto G Power itself is an interesting phone. Packed with so a lot of new technologies, you can expect to be unfamiliar with some of its features.

Therefore, set aside a few minutes to understand the functionalities of the phone. It’s also a way to minimize error. Especially due to unknowingly pressing a random button.

There are plenty of topics covered in this manual. You can expect some troubleshooting tips too. Here is the manual’s content summary:

Moto G Power User Manual

First Look

The manual introduces you first to the phone’s layout. You will see an illustration, both the front and the back layout. Keys and components are described thoroughly. Including where the sensors are located and what each of the triple cameras is for.

Get Started

This section will guide you through the startup process. For example, inserting the SIM card, charging the battery, and connecting to Wi-Fi. Make sure to also read about improving the battery life here.

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Learn the Basics

Included in this section are basic knowledge about Homescreen, notifications, and status icons. There are some unique features too, such as Smart Reply and Wireless Emergency Alert. Here, you will also learn about the Google Assistant feature.


Decorating your phone could be the most exciting part of having a new gadget. In this section, discover all the possibilities for customization. You can modify the appearance of your home screen, choosing widgets, and customize the sound.

In this section, make sure to also check Motorola’s Discover Moto feature. In addition to that, learn about the new Android feature called Digital wellbeing. Lastly, this section also covers the parental control feature.


Motorola Moto G Power user manual doesn’t come with only short information on apps. Everything is described in great detail. You will be glad to find out how comprehensive the Apps section is. Don’t worry, you won’t find it too complicated to understand.

The section starts from the native app such as Phone, Camera, and Email. Then you’ll see some Google apps such as Gmail, Maps, and Chrome. Lastly, there are several Motorola apps like Moto and Moto Audio.

Connect, Share & Sync

This is the part where the manual discusses networks. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi and how to turn on the Mobile Hotspot. But networks are not the only thing readers learn.

There are also guides for connecting to accessories and computers, such as connections via Bluetooth. Also included here USB connection tutorial, synchronization, and TV cast (mirror).

Protect your phone

If you need to set up a screen lock, here is the right section for you. Learn about setting up fingerprint lock, and other lock methods such as password or PIN. For protecting the phone from spam calls, read about blocking calls on your TracFone phone.

You can also read about the Smart Lock feature. It can keep your phone secure by detecting the motion of your body. That’s not the only special feature Motorola offers. Also, learn about Motorola Privacy and screen pinning in this section.


This part of the manual gives you tips on what to do when you run into a problem with the phone. Among the solutions provided include software update and factory reset. Furthermore, this section also provides information regarding stolen phones.


Accessibility section is for those of you who want to use the phone in an easier way. You can make the phone speak using features like TalkBack and Text-to-speech. Other settings available here are changing the font size and the screen color settings.

Motorola Moto G Power also supports braille and hearing aids. This section comes with all the information needed about those features. Not only about setting them up, but the manual also shows how to use the feature optimally.

Download User Manual

That’s only a few contents summarized from Motorola Moto G Power (XT2041DL) user manual. There are more details you can discover inside the manual itself. If you’d like to read the full document, download the pdf file through the provided link.

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Download: Tracfone Moto G Power User Manual (PDF)

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  1. There is a “camera setting” reference in the manual that refers to using the “manual” controls for the camera. However, there is no other mention of what the “manual” controls are.

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