How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Tracfone Galaxy Sky S320VL

Factory reset to solve issue with Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL can be done using two methods, and here you will learn to perform both methods by following the available guide so you can do it on your own without have to ask for professional help.

Hard Reset Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Sky – Got some issue with your Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL and no matter what you do, those issues won’t go away? Have you ever consider performing factory reset? This action will bring the phone setting to its original setting. It will clear the phone from additional app, file, data and other kind of thing that was added after you bought the phone.

How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Tracfone Galaxy Sky S320VL

With the phone having clear out from additional file and app that could be the source of the issue, you will enjoy a better performance with this phone. Carry out factory reset is easy, yet you should not do it carelessly.

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Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL

You can perform factory reset straight from Settings menu (called as soft reset) or from recovery mode (called as hard reset). Both will give you the same outcome so you can choose whatever method you like. Now, before you carry out this action make sure you back up all those files in your phone through whatever means you like so you won’t lose it during the process.

For soft reset method, go to “Settings > Back Up & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Erase Everything”. It is easy, don’t you think so.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Sky S320VL

Now for hard reset method. Follow this guide step by step:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold “Power button, Home button and Volume Up button”.
  3. Keep pressing for several seconds, and when Samsung logo appear on the screen, release Power button only.
  4. When Android logo appear on the screen, release the other two buttons.
  5. Using Volume button to navigate through the Recovery Mode menu, find “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option, highlighted it, and press Power button to select it.
  6. When asked, confirm the action.

When the reset process has complete, select “Reboot System Now” to reboot the phone to standard mode. Now you can restore those files you already back up before into this phone and enjoy its free of problem performance.

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