LG Classic Flip: How to Take Photos and Videos

Read about how to take photos and videos in your LG Classic Flip. Also learn some useful features such as zoom, timer, and accessing the Gallery.

lg classic flip camera guide

Although many people don’t purchase LG Classic Flip for its camera, it doesn’t mean users won’t be taking pictures and videos with the phone. This device is equipped with a 2MP camera that also serves as a video camcorder.

The camera in LG Classic Flip may not be as sophisticated as smartphone cameras, but they work well in most situations. It will give you a decent result, enough to capture memories or anything else you want to take pictures of.

There are some ways to take photos and videos in LG Classic Flip. Here, we’ll help you unravel those features, tricks, and tips on the phone’s camera.

We also explain everything in step-by-step instructions that’s easy to follow. That way you won’t have any difficulty understanding this tutorial.

How to take photos on LG Classic Flip

Taking a picture with LG Classic Flip is quite simple. Just follow these three steps and you will get yourself a nice picture.

  1. Press the CAMERA key. From the main screen, you can immediately access the camera using this shortcut button. You can find it on the right side of the CENTER key.
  2. Take the picture. Position your phone so the camera can capture the object you want to shoot. Then press the CENTER key to finally capture the photo. The result will be automatically saved in “Gallery.”
  3. Return to the main screen. Press the PWR/END key to finish.

Aside from taking photos, you can play around with additional camera features. A little bit of tweaking and you can get better images. First, try to capture an object closer using the Zoom feature. To zoom in, use the UP navigation key. Meanwhile, use the DOWN navigation key to zoom out.

The next feature is Set Image Quality. On the Camera app, press the screen below “Options.” Go to “Resolution” and choose the desired image resolution. In the same “Options” menu, you’ll also be able to configure Timer and Shutter Sounds.

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How to take video on LG Classic Flip

Recording video uses the same Camera app just like when taking photos. However, there’s an additional step you need to take. And that important step is choosing the video mode. For more details, follow the instructions below.

  1. Press the CAMERA key. From the main screen, press this button to open the Camera app.
  2. Open “Options.” Press the key below this menu.
  3. Select “Record video.” Press the CENTER key on the topmost options. You don’t need to scroll since it’s highlighted already.
  4. Start recording. Press the CENTER key to begin taking a video.
  5. Stop recording. To finish and save the video you just shot, press the CENTER key again. Your video will be saved in “Gallery.”
  6. Go back to the main screen. Use the PWR/END key to close the app.

Additionally, you can also zoom in/out by pressing the UP and DOWN navigation keys. Further, the camera also allows you to adjust video quality and set the video size. To reveal these features, press the key below the word “Options” on the Camera app.

How to open Gallery on LG Classic Flip

The Gallery is where you can browse your multimedia files on LG Classic Flip. The files stored here include photos and videos users take, and other files such as screenshots. Follow this guide to access the Gallery and view files.

  1. Press the CENTER key to go to the app screen. Start from the main screen.
  2. Open the Gallery icon. Use the navigation key to select the icon, then press the CENTER key to open it.
  3. Find the image you’d like to see. Scroll through the gallery using the navigation keys.
  4. Viewing in full size. If you want to view an image in full size, select it then press the CENTER key.
  5. Return to the main screen. Press the PWR/END key to close “Gallery.”

To sum up everything, you only need to press a couple of buttons to take photos and videos on the LG Classic Flip. But more than that, you can also play around with features such as Zoom, Timer, and Image/Video size.

Beyond taking pictures and videos, you might want to learn other functionalities. For that, we recommend reading the LG Classic Flip User Manual.

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